Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yay! Yo!


Maaann! I am GEEKED that MTV is starting to show eps of Yo! MTV Raps again. That was my SHIT back in '88 all the way up until the end in '95. It was a young Southern California Black girl's passport into a new world of Black music and culture.

I'll never forget the 30 minute weekday episodes that showed 5 videos or the hour long (YEAH!) weekend episodes where you'd get 10 whole videos.

Who can forget Fab Five Freddy? Cool as a cucumber, forever sportin' a hat and a pair of shades? And exposing me to the first set of charcoal lips my young eyes ever did see?

What about the the Ed Lover and that goofy look he'd get on his face, doing his dance to "The 900 Number" by DJ Mark the 45 King? Nunna nunna nunna nuh nuh nuuuuhhh or something like that ;-)

Or Dr. Dre (the fat one, NOT the West Coast producer) rockin' some of the first pair of men's double D's I ever saw when he jumped in the pool on the Spring Break edition of Yo!?

Remember T-Money? Todd-1? JEEEAAAHHHH!!

Who can forget the last episode, a television CLASSIC, when many hip hop heavyweights and Gods showed up to wish the show a fond farewell?

Peep more history and memorable moments here.


Miss Sweetberries said...

This is straight classic. I L.O.V.E rap music. Last night Bun B stopped by and said that the last freestyle was his most vivid YO! MTV raps memory.

This post is a 10, aye!

mzvirgo said...

I would love to see this show again. I miss MTV Raps.

Onan said...

brought back mad memories! trading vhs tapes with my boys of mtv raps episodes. getting together to watch marathon seesions...