Friday, April 11, 2008

Why, 'Clef?!

So I guess ya boy Algernod wasn't doing a sufficient job of niggerin' up the industry by constantly showing the world his shit stain the Player Haitian himself threw his bald spot in the ring to step up the coon game.
I'd expect this kind of tomfuckery from a 20-something. But once you've entered the second millenium of your's time to faaalllll back and let the youngins' have the ig'nit shit. Whyyyyyy, 'Clef?!


Sane said...

Ohhhh My God!!! I thinkin' the SAME thing when I first saw this picture...COOOOOOON. All he needed to complete his ensemble was some spats and some hello-my-baby-hello-my-honey white gloves.