Thursday, April 24, 2008

Speakin' of Hurr...

Will Smith's primary late-night dookie pusher Jada Pinkett-Smith and K-Ci's old coke ho Mary J. Blige, along with Carol's Daughter founder, Lisa Price (<--my sister in bigness. Club Chub-make some noooiiiize!) held a special meet and greet with customers at the Westfield Fox Hills Mall in Culver City. **singin' and whisperin' before I get a drive-by shankin'** In the GHETTO!


photos: Kevin Kwan/

Damn! I wish I would have known!...and I had the day off...and gas prices weren't so ungodly...aaaand I had enough $$$ to actually make a poychuss...cuz I woulda been THERE!
I LUUUUUHHHVVVZZZZZ me some Murry J., even if she swagger-jacked this ol' gubmit employee by rockin' my current chunky bangs, wrap and big glasses ish. Dayum! Cain't a poor gubmit employee have ANYthang to herself? (The truth: Yes. Yes, I can. And it's called "Poverty." **tears**)

photos: Kevin Kwan/

I'm diggin' Jada's crop as well. It's refreshing to see her reppin' for her mulleted counterparts in a fab, fonky fashion. I can dig it! REP YO RAINBOW!
**lookin' around...then whisperin'** Before going home to 'Du, Mary better check her neck for hickies.

BIG UPS to successful, Black business WOMEN!!!


Sane said...

OMG, you're worried about Jada "Vampiring" Mary J's neck? LOL!!! WOW! Dude, you know she's on madd butch status. I wouldn't put it past her for nuttin'. She probably be lookin' like Celie did when Mista was "doin' his business" on her - when Will is tryin' to get his money's worth. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

F&F - Fresh And Fab said...

wtf is on her head, what is that?