Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Thoughts IGG-ZACK-LAY!

Peep the following background individuals in the below pic:


photo ganked from
Lolo's Cube

  • Man in suit directly behind Alicia
  • Guy with camera up to his face
  • Big dude in blue T-shirt

Now...if you ain't either DYIN' laughin' at them gettin' caught on FILM sayin' a collective "DAAAAAYYYYUUUMMM" OR beatin' your clit/dick like you caught it fuckin' your grandma, then check your pulse.
Cuz A. Keys is UZI'in hoes with this body-hugging, grey knee-length number with her killer curves.
Yeah, her mini-tetas would leave an African village starvin' like Marvin, but them hips...**wiping drool** is SCREAMIN' for twins! Shouts to
Romey Rome!!

Sheeeeeeiiiiiitttt!!!! If I wasn't tryna be faithful to Floyd, Oprah, Miley, and that thick camel-ridin' cutie Kim, PLEASE BELIEVE I'd be tryna hurt dat and merk dat!

Do ya thang, Leesh!
**whispers in her ear** I would give it to ya nonstop...and I don't care who's watchin' watchin' WAW-CHIINNN...