Thursday, May 15, 2008

My panties say, " __________!"

After viewing the pics below, what are your panties thinking?

I'll be glad to share the thoughts of my bloomers panty'lones once they stop trying to hang themselves with the extra skin from my lower belly. **tears**

Dog the Nigger-Hating Bounty Hunter lookin' so sextastic I think I might weave myself a mullet.

photos source
English Singer/Songwriter Lily Allen showing the WIZZORLD that flat bellies are SOOOOO last year. '08 is the year for CLUB CHUB! Make some NIZZOOIIIIIISE!!!

*Yes, sweet Jesus: Those ARE Crocs! **tucking soul like an iced out chain**

photo source
There's ZERO WORDS in all of mankind's dictionaries and thesauruses to describe this shit right here, nigga.


Miss Sweetberries said...

Thank you Lily Allen
*throws on bikini bottom not top*

But on the real, I thought she miscarried months ago.