Friday, June 20, 2008

High Like Elevators Ridin' Escalators...

..I'm Loaded UP
Like Cheesed'Up Mashed Potaters
You Greater?!


Happy Friday, my folks!!!

My apologies. It's been a LOOONNNNG time. I shouldn'ta lefff you...without a Savvy rhyme to get fresh to. Fresh to. Fresh Toof. Yeah, FRESH, TOO! (<--respeck.)

Man, I've been at home with the straight Ebola face. Temperature was up. Afro was matted down. Self-esteem was even lower. I was the Frederick Douglass of my sheet set, mang. 'Twas AAALLLL bad.
But shouts to those who hit me up and cared if I was alive or not. AABNEDZ: Love y'all like cooked food. You know you fuckin' with a real dude, right?
But now I'm back on the scene with a FAT GIRL lean. In my Venezia jeans...OOOHHHWWEEE!! Everything's all gravy!!!!

So...I know it's Black Music Month and all, but shouts to Blind Melon (RIP, Shannon Hoon!) for singing my life with their words!!!! If it wasn't for You know I'd like to keep my cheeekks dry todaaaayyy, don't know how I woulda made it through!

So...sit back, relax and enjoy ya Friday with a lil' early 90s Alternative Rock. Bee Girl...where you beeeeee?!


The Jade said...

R.I.P Shannon Hoon.
"I Wonder" was my favorite moody teenage I hatemyself song!