Monday, June 23, 2008

And the Winner Is...

Mad thanks to all who voted for a Savvy Fatty FreakMixxx. 'Twas fun to see what songs you wanted to see mixxed in a way that ONLY ya girl Savvay Savv can. Ya know I lubz you, riiiigghhhhtt?!?!

However, for you Reading Wasn't Fundamental muhfuckas who voted via Myspace or might as well be in Flaw'duh cuz YA VOTE DON'T COUNT, HOMAY!!!!

So...after 2 PROPERLY cast votes in the comments (What it DEW, Holla and Ms. B!) the winner(S) are:

"I'll Spray Yo Curl"


"My Bra's On For My Tittays"


I'll Spray Yo Curl by Savvy

Just the 1st verse

Savvy up in the club
Just watch her do her thang
She might wanna wrap
She might want some braids
See I was on her
And she was on him
She all on my Lanes
I work my Lanes like a dick
She World of Curls Pop
Don’t know how to ack
Tried to show me her thong but
‘Vator’s drippin’ down her back
Drippin on me
For most of the night
Her man think I’m hornay
But it's just juice in my eyes

Lil Mama’s hair good
Is that a curl?
Lil Mama’s hair flyyyyy
Is that a curl?
Shirt greasy like a skillet
Is that a curl?
She keep her gliss on high
Is that a curl?
Man look at her hair goooo
Is that a curl?
Just watch her soul gloooowwwwww
Is that a curl?
Tell me why that curl looks like it’s from Comp-Compton
She run her fingers through her curls
He try to tell me that’s his girl
But I’m like, “FUCK THAT NINJA!”
Jheri curls drip to the floor
I might break my ankle
I’m like, “Dry that wig up!”
Call me kinky
Drip curl juice on me
Drip it from her head
Now drip it in my bed


My Bra's On For My Tittays by Savvy
Kanye's verse

When Miley Cy get 18 I’ll be Sav Cyrus
Don’t like thinkin’ Steady Sted’s givin’ my bitch sex
I still like tits but dick is what suits me best
I lost the only dick in the world that knew me best
I gotta dozen Krispy Kremes that’s gon’ make me sick
I put the gravy on my wangs, man that makes me shit
Cuz when them Reese’s Pieces is all up eaten
Yo I need just at least a few 20 pieces
OhhhhI let my zipper go
Then I hop in the whip to get some tacos
I know ninjas like they bitches mad bite-sized, though
They say “Damn, Savvy Fatty, gain no weight no mo’!
You done got big fat, homay, put the plates up, homay
If you don’t stop growin, you gon’ live so lonely
I aint lyyying
So lonely
So quit fryyying
I'll have some salad tonight (salad tonight)
No ‘taters just egg whites (just egg whites)
I’m tryna be sexy, right? (sexy right)
So every night (every night)
Put it on

My bra’s on for my tittays
On, on for my tittays

How ya luuuuhhhhvvvv dat?!


Hollatyogirl said...

When can I get that Spray Yo Curl ringtone~Lighter in air~?

2 question's though:

1. Did you really put ole boy on blast with the d#$% picture?

2. What the hell is that red thing in the fryin pic?

V$ said...

f-ing pricelss...luvs it!

Savv'alier said...

Hahaahahaaaha, Holla! You like that, huh?!?!?!

No...there's no dick pic under that jump. I keepz those to mahself...and my homegirls. OW!
I don't know what that is frying. So I'll just say "A Red Bell Pepper." Yeah...that's it.

Lil' Creole Pimp said...

"Her man think I’m hornay
But it's just juice in my eyes"

This made my life hurt.

nica said...

well phuk u savvy since my vote didn't count! ............on my titayass on on for my titayss... i'm tryna not to sing out loud cus i don't think twp is ready for ur mix!

S A V V Y Fatty!...uhhh...DUH! said...

Let TWP know who you rep for!!!!

K@LiENTe said...

OKAY, why u so crazy???? lol OMG i could not be around yo azz cuz i would stay on tha floor!!!

Anonymous said...

You know....we have a facility here in Houston called MHMRA...I think they'd give you money. Another Fresh...I just caint (yes caint) take it!

Savv'alier said...

Whaaaatttt, A-Non?!
You tryna say I need mental soyvusses?!?!?

But if you are SHO' I can get some fundage, I'm AAAALLL about it!
Where can I sign up?!

Anonymous said...

I'm at work and I just bust out I thought I was the only person who made remixes like Keep it up.

Neverendingchase said...

Dead@Just watch her soul gloooowwwwww

It was like I could hear dude singing yo words in my head when I was reading it. I think ur seriously on to something. Let me be ur manager. :)