Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday FreakMixxxes

This for all y'all who peeped that "A Milli" remix that popped off last week: I wanna know what you wanna see SavvyFatty FreakMixxxed right about noooowwww. You know I take a song and flip it to fit it for this Savvy Fatty Bizzitch...Snittich...Get it?!!?!

Here's the choices for Friday, June 20th, silliest.

  1. "Fuck Fast Like a Rabbit" which is a SavvyFatty FreakMixxx of...
  2. "My Bra's On For My Tittayss"..."Own, own" for my tittays
  3. "I'll Spray Yo Curl" THAT'S the American Dream. Not this.


All votes received by Friday, 6/20, 3:30PM Eastern Time (12:30PM on the BEST COAST!!!) will be tallied up and the winner be chosen from those submissions.
The winning FreakMixxx will be posted on Monday, 6/23 for your listening plush'her.


Hollatyogirl said...

Im gonna go with "I'll Spray Yo Curl". Im from Cali (culver city stand up)so anything about a curl brings back memories....-que dream daddy had the best curl. It had just the right amount of drip and when he would swing his head he looked just like that Soul Glo dude in Coming To America and broads would.....-end dream sequence-sorry sorry, I got lost in the memory. N-e-way, that's my pick.

Savv'alier said...

Alright, Holla!!!
I see where you comin' from.

WEST COAST...STAND UP and put ya 'W' throwin' HAND UP!!!!!

Ms Brittany ♥ said...

I'm going for "I Put on for my tittays!!"

"Bra back, bra snapped, totin' round a big lug!" Thats my verse! LOL

Ms. Brittany ♥ said...

OOOOHHH WAIT...I guess I was supposed to rep my city?!?!

Memphis SIT DOWN!!!
(too ratchet)

nica said...

uh i think i'm too late to have my vote count but i vote fa bra on my titayss. just seems like it's on some real ish ya know?!

Lil' Creole Pimp said...

I thought you had up and quit blooging and went back to your job brushing Zahara's head so wouldn't nobody Don Imus her. Happy to see that you still blogging, but Branjelina really need to find your replacement.

It's too late for a pimp to vote but if it's any consellation I'll Spray YO' Curl... that just speaks to my soul.