Friday, June 13, 2008

It's The Freegin' Weekend!


Happy Friday, my ninjas and beaches!

Ain't NOOOOOObody happier to see it than me. If I didn't, I swear fo' GOD there was gon' be some White Tees laid out...and NOT waiting to be ironed, either.

My bad for the no post and GHOST! for the past couple of days. A biatch had to take a small hiatus to get some shit together. And now that shit is handled, I'm holla'in at you from my sandals. :^p

So...I was making my blog runs this morning and came across some shit at ol' DanYeller's speezy. I peeped a post where he was talkin' that Play-Doh shank talk; talkin' 'bout if anotha muthafucka and their choych's Praise Steppers make an "A Milli" remix, muhfuckas gon' get Nicole Brown Simpson'd.

So, being the fat, fearless, smart mouf beezy I am...whatchu think I went and did?!?!!?!?
HAHA!!! Take that lil' Billy Creole'shun!!!!

So...kick back, relax and enjoy the S A V V Y Fatty remix, snitchezzzzz!!!!

I’m a hundredaire
I’m a ZERO money hundredaire
Naps rougher than Chicagoan Bears
I got a ride hotter than ya local County fare and still
Only got dough for trolley fare to get me here and there
To the limit through the fire like Kanyeezy through the wire
Cain’t drive shit so I say “Mothafuck ya tires!”
I turned to a driver hater since I’ve been a trolley waiter
Ya got sum’in to say turn you to a casket stayer
Fuck ya sister mother father since my ass is a walker
Take a piss on ya shit like Sparkle’s sister and ‘nim daughter
Tell the popos come and get me Rodney King me fuckin beat me
I’ll still rise on this song talking CANT WE ALL JUS’ GET ALONG?
Can’t deceive me only feed me
L.B. Venezia Jean me
Still drop it AYCH OH TEEZY like Juvie Juve and fuckin’ Weezy

So what y'all think?
Did my weed and pancake syrup write me a hit, too?
Should I invest in a couple bags of dreds and 'C' tattoo between my brows? HOLLA!!!!


Lil' Creole Pimp said...


But this ain't over!

bshepjr said...

lmao, i can already see you a handful!

Anonymous said...

Mutha fukka!...she iLL ;)

...and YES!!
Savvy is da bomb like...*tick tick*

-KaƩsha F. Baby-

kayellejaye said...

Sav, you need to give us some audio. That was hot.