Monday, June 2, 2008


Is bad skin this season's answer to the winter's chunky neck scarves craze?

As I let MTV Jams make me weep for the future of our youth keep me company this weekend, it's come to my attention that unadulterated scarfaces are the new 'hood hype and the latest chapter in the "Keepin' It Real" movement.

  • Monica's Cheatin' Azz Baby Daddy boo bear Rocko spit about his huge'normous horse head and bite-sized body NOT ProActiv'ating his game just like it's no Tu-Maw-Ruh.

  • We're well aware that Shawty Lo Dunn Dunn it all...BUT tend to his skin and persevere in preserving his ET finger**air quotes** sexy.


But I don't have time to worry about they shit. Naw! Cuz I'm over here CHEESIN' like cheddar as this is EGG-SELL-LINT news for a biatch like me!

**bustin' an '80s celebratory Prep**

I guess it's beddy-by for my Dream Matte Mousse and bye-bye to the bronzer as I proudly parade my piles of pimples, acres of craters and wait for SavvyFatty to BLOOOOWWW Rick Ross-style! JEAH! amongst yourselves while I sit back, relax, and let the black heads bad-act!
Sheeeiiit! MuthaFUCK a Clean & Clear! A biatch got dollaz to clock so bottles can pop!
**wipes self dowwwwnnnn with Crisco while logging into AdBrite account**


Nessia said...

MTV Jams always makes me weep for the future of our youth.

rissa said...

omg I been thinking the same thing. Ion understand how you can rock a 40g ring, but cant invest in some microdermabrasion. lotta these folks just saying fuck effort with skin care.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one that thought Rocko's face looked like oatmeal.

KaramelKisses said...

i love dream matte mousse!!! lol

msfre said...

okay! warning of the content posted on savvyfatty, YES i wish to continue! lol can i get a warning before being taken to the ADware site?!?!?!

S A V V Y Fatty!...uhhh...DUH! said...

NO, FRE! No warning!!!!! Just click on some ads, dagnamit! The game is to be SOLD; not to be told!

S A V V Y Fatty!...uhhh...DUH! said...

**clutching chesticular region and readying 911-dialing finger**

Face looks like OATMEAL!??!?!

Sane said...

Oatmeal???? OATmeal!? HAHAHAAHAH!
I've always thought Rocko's face looked like a human dart board. I know Monica cuts her lips every time she kisses his face. He's gah-bage!