Monday, June 2, 2008

Blue-Black Bluto is a BEAST!

...But instead of eye Pop'n, he was ear tusslin'.

Peep the 0:50 mark to see how that ear said, "I'm outta hEAR!"

For years, ever since I've seen Kimbo slicin' dudes on the 'Tube, I've thought anyone who'd fuck with Trick Daddy circa 2018 had to be off their muthafuckin' rocker like Betty with no Crocker.
But I guess cash ruled everything around James "Colossus" Thompson. Because after this nationally televised mollywhoopin' auditory assault, I have but one question:
Tell me how you 'posed to hear with no ear?!

Can't cheer
Can't jeer with no ear
No ear! No eaarrrr!


DeygoGrl said...

You ain't never lied!! I saw this fight at Fred's Cantina and immediately had to put my chicken quesadilla down when that ear exploded. Ole' Alley Monster lookin' ass Kimbo.

Savv'alier said...

Yes! Shit looked like salsa pourin' on some rolled tacos.
That Ol' Alley-COOCHAY SNATCHIN' Monster Black Bluto ass ninj is unhuman.

If I saw him in my path I wouldn't even struggle. I'd just kindly spoon out my goodays and hand em over on a silver platter.

Sane said...

Oooooooohhhhhh shit!!!! I am literally ON the floor after watchin' this! His ear was DESTROYED!!!!! *gasp*!!! You know what? If I EVER saw Kimbo in a dark alley, rest assure, nigga, the only thing he'd be seein' is my back and the bottom of my Converse high-tailin' it.

HENRY said...

It was a big as target from the beginning Kimbo couldn't wait to slice that shit open ....LMAO they shoulda cut that bitch off before it started!.....LMOA I love it!