Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mary J. Thighs


photo source

Oooohweee!! Look at Mary gettin' her T&T on. That's toned and thick for those of us who are neither. **points to self, then slices wrist** She's looking good. I won't even hate on the fact that her thighs them nevvuh part her. I LOVE Mary, real rap.

I see she's still rockin' my March through April hairstyle, though. But that's all GEE double O DEE good with me. Cuz once summer and my trolley came, I gave that look up antydayumway.
So, "Murry" if you still got edges after so many years of weavin' cuz you wasn't achievin', (<--1:53 mark) let me know if you can fuck with the look I'm rockin' now. It's a classic: the snatchback pony. Bet my baby hair game is WAAAYYYY tighter than yourn, too.
**holds up my baby toofbrush, rat-tooth comb and Pro-Styl like "Beach, wuht?"**


bshepjr said...

mary j, alicia keys and ashanti got the thigh game ON LOCK!