Thursday, July 3, 2008

Desecrate What Ya Mama Gave Ya

In Websites Yo Mama Would Be Ecstatic to Find You On news, I came across this gem of a site while looking up Bible verses. :^D
DimeWars is a site where lonely, horny people can vote on their favorite "dimes." Easy enough, right?

I won't hate nor front on most of these ladies cuz there are mosdef some HUNNAYS who could show up, unannounced, at Chateau Savvy ANY time..after midnight and before 4am. However, I doubt this is what feminists like Sojourner Truth had in mind while they were fighting for women's freedom, rights and equality.

Plus, not EVERYbody on the site is "Dime" worthy. I did see a couple muhfuckas who should be givin' me change for a penny.
Take Nya for instance.


I've seen more meat on a hummingbird wing. And she ain't showing us shit. I ain't hardly moved to rape my lap vote for her ass in this Tomb Raider/Indianapolis Jones ghetto get up. Plus, she didn't even try with that wrap that should be ringing the nurse begging for a few more CC's of volume, either. NEXT!

If I'mma be voting on how hot beaches are, I'mma want my women nice, thick and half a centimeter away from booty buck nekkid.

Like these fine young ladies, Naughty Neshelle and Absolutely Amber. I'd get naughty with both and ABSOLUTELY lick the wrappers.


However, both of those ladies cain't come within an inch of fuckin' with Miss Thanksgiving Dinner-Thick herself, Tasha Destiny. Like Ray-J say: Shawday Got GIFTS!!!
Ass and hips like this need be illegal in all 50 states. And Puerto Rico. AND the US Virgin Islands. Hail! The UNIVERSE!!!
Bitches like this need be e-mee-tree-it-lee punished by being shipped to Camp SavvyFatty: the Correctional Facility for Bitches That Are Too Thick To Exist. I'd make sure they were punished to the full extent of the law. PLEASE. BELIEVE. IT.

**fanning self while trying to vote with my elbows since my hands look like chicken fingers dipped in ranch**


Silly Brown Eyed Girl said...

Um.... You might make me a believer... I want an ass like dat!!!

ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said...

I'm thinking you're going to need more than that flower to hid the crack on that last one. I thought I saw Whitney in there. "Yoohoo! I see u girl"

Brittany said...

girl, you wild!!! LOL

bshepjr said...

amber and neshelle >>>

that last pic is *flava flav* wooooooooooooow

Brandon said...

you are so going to jail for this fuckery. i called the cops on you... well im on the phone with them... ok so what they put me on hold but i will see that you are punished for this funky thigh fuckery!

Brandon said...

@ shae shae, thats a bow. savvy tried to give me her as a present and i just about whooped her ass. ima throw her up on ebay because i just can't... i will not! I WON'T SAVVVY! damn cops, they still got me on hold. oh wait they playin my jammmmmm "hes a slut he's a hoe he's a freak got a different girl everyday of the week"

S A V V Y Fatty!...uhhh...DUH! said...

Daaaammmmnnn, B! Why you gotta involve the cops?!?!?! I thought we was homies!
Why you gotta go and do that, love, huh?!?!? Now why you wanna go and do that, uh do that?!

**givin' Brandon's name and address to The Mafia**