Monday, July 7, 2008

Red Yum!

Welcome back to the real world, folks!!!
Shit SUCKS monkey balls, right?!!!

How was your 3-day weekend?!
If your holiday weekend was anything like mine, your ass is raw from wiping dead animal carcusses from it, your liver's still crying, your eyes are still bloodshot, and you're walking like you just got off a horse. A very fat horse. Oh...and your jaws hurt and you could use a new tip for your tongue.
...Or is that just me?!

With all that fun and shenanigans, I did have something quite unfortunate happen to me, as well.
After many years of late night visits and sneaking around to see each other, I've officially broken it off with ThugBait. (<<--Not Safe For Nothing But The Privacy of Your Own Masturbation Station)
I know. I know. We've been in it to win it for years. I mean, no one kept me company like its screen shots of thugalicious niggas giving each other the BEESWAX in cheap motel rooms. Of "punks" suckin' the brown off of many a blindfolded ninjas dick while a dude thinks it's some hood rat gettin' him off. Ooh! And I loved the addition of the fantasies. I liked to read short stories about what niggas would do to the featured thugs. Those accounts right there, ninja!! Those accounts RIGHT THEEEEEERRRREE!!! Let me stop before I get all nostalgic and get to callin' when I know I've moved on.

So ladies and gents, meet my new late night (and afternoon...and early morning...and any time I fuckin' feel like it!) hype, RedTube.

Mean Muggin' EVERY single effin' one of you out in SavvyFattyLand:


I don't even have time to go into the many ways I EL OH VEE E this site, but I will tell you, the gay channel gets MUCH play on my Dell Dimension. This shit right here, ninj! (<<<--Again. NOt safe for existence...unless you're alone with your pants at your ankles, in which case: GO TO WORK!!!)
All I gotta say is: My computer chair will never be the same. My shit's like a fish tank right about now. Oooohhhhweee!

Oh, and don't think I ain't been on these channels. Ninja, please! They get much play on the Dell, as well. Not as much play as the Gays do, (HAIL NAW! Not NEARLY as much as the gays! [1:36 mark!!!!]) but play nonetheless.

So, in closing, if you ever come to SavvyFatty and I ain't updated in a good eleventeen days or you hit the cell and all you get is vmail, you know where to find me.
I'll be on RedTube at my computer in the nude watchin' bitches fuck/Watchin' a man fuck his dude...MMMKAY?!?!?!

So get GONE so I can get it ON!


Neverendingchase said... still my beating heart...Someone who loves to look at gay porn as much as I do. Girl why u starting shit early in the morning????? LOL!

Hollatyogirl said...

I went to visit my friend in the Chi and I got bit on the cooch by a stripper (and not in a good way) and had to watch porn in the club. It was a very interesting weekend.

Savv'alier said...

Ayy, NEC! You're welcome at Chateau Savvy for a "premiere party" ANYtime! And those parties go down NIGHTLY.

HOLLA!! If you don't get back in here and elaborate, I'mma...I'mma...I don't know. But I need DETAILS like beaches need seashells! STAT!

Hollatyogirl said...

This is very traumatic for me but I'll tell you anyway. My friend (who loves strippers) took me to see some blond haired, buff ass negro at some hole-in-the wall club.After he had his face all in some girls cooch, he comes over to me, spreads my legs and bites my cooch. The whole time Im saying, "please stop sir." But he wouldn't stop. I will hate his greasy ass forever.

The next night we go to a club and the DJ's name is Nasty Boy. We couldn't figure out why they called him that. Maybe it's because he plays porn videos while he spins.The tv's around the club were showing the videos of the songs he was playing, then all of a sudden a hardcore porn just pops up.I was disgusted by what I could see through my fingers as they covered my eyes.Free internet porn in the privacy of my own home is one thing, but club porn is just too much.

S A V V Y Fatty!...uhhh...DUH! said...

**DESPERATELY trying to see the harm in Club Porn...then reaching for a pen and pad to write down the address of said establishment**

Dude bit ya panty partner?!?! That's a no-go?! Hasn't he ever heard the phrase: Don't matter/Just DON'T bite it.
There woulda been some consequences, repercussions, and fisticuffs off in that piece!
If you gon' bite my cookie, at least dip it in milk first, if you get my drift?!

The Jade said...

Is this Redtube better than Xtube?
I've looked at Red before but Xtube's jack off stations always beg me to come back.
I loves me some wanking mofos! Oooohoh and dont let some dood be butthumping another dood and dood with the dick in his ass cums??!!?!? I need a moist towelette!!!

I dont know where you came from but we gots to be related.
Lane Bryant shopping, gay porn watching, sushi eating, big tittay having sistas 4 life!!!

bshepjr said...


Savv'alier said...

Jade, you've been holding back on me about X-Tube? Never heard of it until now!

Yes, seems as if we're cut from the same plush, homo-loving, sushi-eating, 42DDD+ rockin' cloth. I'll be the Nettie to yo' Celie (or vice versa. No dis!) if you'll have me.

The Jade said...

I will rep you til I die!!!
Just dont let me catch you eating the last spicy shrimp roll!!

ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said...

I'm scared straight. I'll be back... I have to go sit in the corner & contemplate this gay porn shit... (don't tell nobody though) ;-)

Miss Sweetberries said...

I love me some REDTUBE!!!!! I knew about it girl, sorry. Here's another good one I found that on

Check all that out. (Oh, and all of it is free)