Wednesday, August 20, 2008

TRILL Deal Holyfield

What's up my SavvyFatty Divas and Dick Dealers?! How's it hangin' and danglin'?!

Remember a few posts back when I said, "Ask me ANYthang and I'll tell you the TROOF?"
Well, that day my ass was bullshittin' like a skinny girl with a bucket of chicken. But today, I'm ready to give y'all the TRILL DEAL to the questions asked via the Comments section that I DID NOT answer that day. NO BULLSHIT! All true shit! Pinky Starfish Promise!
1) So are you really into females, or are you just joking?
I'm really into orgasms; doesn't matter WHO dishes them just as long as I leave having busted 1...or a hun'nid.

2) If you could get it with anybody in the world, who would it be?
Floyd Mayweather! Lawd, he is all types of bite-sized Chocolate'y Delectability! His cocky bravado adds to the milk jug of moisture already in my Caciques for him. He could get this big guhl down on the flo' AAAALLL DIZZAM DAY!

3) U ever do a 3some (or more)? If so what was the makeup of the group?
Yes, I surely have as I will be a freak until the day; until the DAAAAWWWWWNNN.
And the makeup of the group was me in Cinnamon eyeshadow, bronze eyeliner, Blackest Black mascara and a pinky nude lip gloss.
Trill Talk: 2 Kitties and a Rottweiler.

4) I was wondering what type of outfits do you wear when you go out?
Well, I'm different than the rest. I'm kinda jazzy/punky. When I step out you can find me in a cut up punk rock T-shirt with a string of faux pearls and chunky bracelets. I like to mix something rocker with something femme and dainty just to keep they heads turnin'.

My favorite fat girl sites for stepping out are Torrid, Old Navy, and Lane Bryant.
Torrid has the young, hip, fun shit. Old Navy is trying to step into the Fat Fab Arena and Lane Bryant has the classic pieces in quality fabrics--AND they give COUPONS!

Since I'z a po' peeump with a wallet and bank account on LIMP!, I like pieces that can go from day to night with the switch of the bottoms and a whole new set of accessories.

Take this printed green and black one-shoulder number I spotted at Old Navy for $6.99!

In the daytime it bangs with a pair of baggy cargo shorts, casual patent leather Gladiators, and bold Boho-Fresh accessories.

For night, class and sass it up with a khaki button-front pencil skirt, chunky faux gemstone jewelry, and hot pank! ankle boots with a matching leather clutch.

Hell, throw a black blazer or cardigan and sleek slacks over this biatch and you can even rock it, don't stop it! to the work place.
**Remember, before making it rain on ANY poychuss: VERSATILITY is key!

5) Do you agree with Mo'nique when she said that skinny women are evil?
And for the record: I absolutely cannot STAND Mo'nique!
Although she reps for the big girls like no other, I cannot stand her schtick. I DO NOT think she's funny nor do I think she should single out skinny bitches as being "evil" just cuz they ass can PUSH THE PLATE BACK like we cain't!
In my world, ERR'body is a hottie, including me with my Supreme Team of jellay and bellays. There's room for us ALL to get ours. I ain't gon' hate on you cuz you can rock shit like this and I cain't...or am I?! GRRR!!!
**drops down to sweep the flo' with A Milli crunches**


mzvirgo said...

The only thing that Floyd Mayweather can do for me is take me on a shopping spree LOL

Savv'alier said...

**pours Holy Water on your comment**


That bwoi is FIIIINNNEEE!!! All 39 inches of him!! FINE!

jamie aka afro jamaicano said...

good for u, for enjoyin "da pink", buh i cant get down w/ chicks haha only dudes for this chico!

i kinda dig ur fashion sense. like its not too over the top, buh its edgy.
oh and i worked at ON, and let me jus tell u, those clothes (atleast the mens ones) were cheap, and had no shape to them. i did like some of the womens clothes though. especially the bikinis and jeans.

The Jade said...

I speak for myself and all of Jadetopia, we will choke a skinny bitch.
Wait, we'll choke a fat bitch too.
Shit we just hate everyone equally.

Keep hope alive!!!

Kitty said...

Yeah I remember going to that Queens of Comedy show years ago and Mo'Nique's ass was up there talmbout "If you see a skinny bitch around you just punch her little ass in the forehead right now." or some shit.

Mind you I was skinny back then and damn near surrounded by big girls. I looked around and was like "Don't let Mo'Nique get you stabbed tonight!" HAHA

Floyd's ah-ight but Lennox Lewis is the troof! Yum!

pnuttbuttahunny said...

*Picture me with a sad face*
I just went online to buy those gladiators and they were all sold out. Awww, saddness overwhelms me.

NaturallyAlise said...

missed ya savvy! I too agree that mo'Nique is about as funny as a box o' rocks on a good day......

Bahama said...

I am addicted to Polyvore and I don't think you would get much of a fight for Mayweather..

ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said...

I agree with Mz. Virgo. He can't even do that. Just send me with a driver and a black card. I don't want nobody to see me with him. LOL

Anonymous said...

I agree with you: MoNique is just loud and annoying. I can not remember her ever being funny. She is like a plus size coon.

And where in the world did you get that picture of boy in those heels!!?? PLEASE tell me that mess was photoshopped!!

The Randomness said...

Oh my gosh I love you already. I am also a Torrid fiend although customs and shipping kills me dead!! I especially like that they have a punk section too.It's time to get the Tripp skinny jeans again since the black pair now looks next to gray lol

*quetly salivates at the thought of Lennox Lewis doing.....*