Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Before I can even think about packing for my trip, I need to evaluate my luggage sitcho.

**Evaulated; Results Revealed**

I'm in desperate need of some new luggage, mayne!
This Wal-Mart Route 66 roller bag I borrowed (and never returned) from the ex is NOT the beeswax. That shit is so raggedy it probably wouldn't make it off my porch in tact, let alone to TX and back. And I need something sturdy that can support the numerous pairs of Venezias that I'll pack, but most likely will only wear the tightest, backyard camel-toe producing pair.

So I've been doing more eWindow Shopping for some luggage for my trip next week. Picture me rolling through the airport spo'tin' and totin' the hotness below:

Isn't that seafoam green case just the cutest?
Besides a patterned backpack, I'd also carry something this cute on the plane. I'm trying to carry on as much as possible to avoid that $15 per checked bag fee.
But if I had to check a bag, it would the Dooney & Burke giraffe print rolling case. I already rock a knockoff of the giraffe large hobo, which is just as much style for a fraction of the price, so why not rock some trill shit?

A simple shift dress, big yellow glasses, an armful of colorful bangles, and girly patterned flats complete the simple but chic travel look.
Oh, and a MacBook Air so I could update my SF'ers while I'm on the road. Cuz wouldn't you want to be the first to know about the freak I meet to lick me from my head to my feet?
Yeaaahhhh! I thought so. ;^)


Kitty said...

I'm with you on that luggage tip. I'm headed to TX aroung Thanksgiving and I have the most craptastic luggage! That giraffe print is pretty hot and you will def be able to spot ur shit when it comes down that belt..

S A V V Y Fatty!...uhhh...DUH! said...

Ooohh! OOOHH! That's my KIT! That's my KIT!!
Hey Mamacita!
Oh, so you're in agreeance that I'd look HAUTE with that bag?
Well...gon' ahead and send your donations to the HELP SAV' GET SOME HAUTE SHIT LUGGAGE Foundation at 2300 Savvy Street.

sugaHoney said...

That seafoam colored case is bee-yu-tiful. It definitely is about time that I upgraded from the red Sears suitcase collection that my mama bought me, 8 pieces for $35 lol

jamie aka afro jamaicano said...

first off polyvore is the debil, i make atleast 3 sets a week and use them as my myspace backgrounds all the time.

hav fun in tex, id rok flats b/c after standing in a long security line u dun wanna hav to take ur shoes on/off.
and i luv that dress, especially the a-semi button detail on the right handside

Upscale Swagger said...

I'm in need of new luggage too. I know for sure if I'm buying luggage I'm going to go with this!

S A V V Y Fatty!...uhhh...DUH! said...

Sug: You still rockin' the red set?!?!?! LMMFAO!
I'd laugh harder if I didn't secretly want that set TILL THIS DAY! LOL!

AJ: YES! Polyvore will take any lil' free time I THINK I got and make WASTE of it!! But the things you can find on there!!!!!

Woowwwww!! That's a GREAT price for that Loowee!
But WHYYYY does it cost $71 just to SHIP something? They shippin' it via limo, ninja?