Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tina Fey as Sarah Palin: SN-naiLed It

Been living under a rock? Don't know how Sarah Palin went from little-known Alaskan Governor to John McCain's running mate simply because she has a vajayjay?
This clip pretty much sums it learn suh'in!!!!!


PrincessLola said...

OMG Sav...when I first cut this on last nite...I was like damn how they get her to make fun of herself like that. Man that shit was soooooooooo funny!

S A V V Y Fatty!...uhhh...DUH! said...

What's ha'nin, Lo?!?!

Yeah, the SNL writers got her ass good!
T-Fey is a BEAST for that impersonation. I say give that biatch an Emmy YESTERDAY for that one.

I already see on several websites folks bitchin' and cryin' about a COMEDY SKETCH. Many have stated their plans to boycott SNL for the rest of the season for this.
I say: Grow a sense of humor you stupid azz fucks!
It's funny how the GOP candidates can OPENLY shit-talk Barack Obama in their RNC speeches, but SNL, a gotdayumed TV SHOW which does not openly support any candidate nor is it part of a major political party, cannot lampoon their VP.
Now...isn't THAT ironic?!

pnuttbuttahunny said...

Wasn't McCain HIMSELF on SNL earlier in the season "weighing in" on the Obama/Clinton primaries? Ummm, I think so. And it was funny in it's own right. But that was okay, huh? But this is a problem for people? I haven't seen any of the commentaries you mentioned but I am sure that they exists. Hippocrites!

Marleaux said...

That was hilarious. I missed it when it first aired. I love Tina Fey.

CLA§§I said...

I love Tina Fey....