Friday, October 10, 2008

8-Head, ANTM Rejects & Poak Chop Grease Lips

Ne-Yo's head looks like a boxing glove.

Now that THAT'S established...
I watched Tyra chop it up with Ne-Yo in promotion of his new hit album, Year of the Gentleman.Photo Source

Despite what everybody says about Ne-Yo, I like the kid. He seems like a likeable dude. Somebody you wouldn't give ya goodies to, but you would spend COUNTLESS nights on the phone with until the wee hours of the mo'nin.


In the interview there were more than enough acts I like to call, "Forced, Unnecessary, UNCONVINCING Displays of Heterosexuality a Concerted Effort To Dispell Long-Standing Rumors About OBVIOUS Participation in His Local GHEY Parade:"

Trying to be EXTRA hetero by "GOODNESS GRACIOUS"'ing when encountering the ladies of ANTM backstage. Was it because he liked their lipgloss?

"Uhh...I don't know. Take you to dinner on me." Answer to Tyra's question about what he planned to do with the money from the judgment.

  • He also spilled the GIZZUTS about his short-lived stint on the R. Kelly Tour. Ne-Yo admitted he believed he was kicked off the tour for outshining his Royal Pissyness.
  • He spoke about how security wouldn't let him through to thank Kels for giving him a chance to perform on the tour.
  • Ne-Yo also talked about his experience with "Code Blue" which was code for "His Supreme Urinator is coming down the hall and you better cut into the nearest open door so as not to disturb his "flow."
  • "We fought so I could get a damn dressing room! He told our people to get dressed on the bus." When telling the tale about Kels had 7 dressing rooms backstage at the Columbus, GA. But Ne-Yo and camp couldn't get ONE. (**Double-Dutch Lips sued R. Kelly's camp and won about $700G's for the ordeal.)

'Yo also performed his smash, "Closer" and ROCKED that fonky joint!
(Don't know who them dayum Phantom of the Ghey Club azz ninjas dancin' behind him, but they also gave it up what what in the butt.)
Sidenote: Don't this pic make Ne-Yo seem almost...dare I say it!...FUCKABLE?


Speaking of the ANTM girls, 5 loohoozers from seasons' past are given a chance to flip their fates and become the "spokesbeauty" for Black-owned beauty biz, Carol's Daughter on Tyra's new show-within-a-show, Modelville.

The models compete for a year-long contract with the beauty brand valued at 50,000 boodle$ .

Each contestant will be in charge of creating, producing, and starring in a 30-second ad promoting items such as Carol's Daughter Hair Milk or the product line's Love Butter.
The ladies, who've all converged upon an apartment in the NYC, are:

Cycle 9's Bianca Golden

Cycle 10's Dominique Reighard

Cycle 10's Fatima Siad

Cycle 10's Lauren Utter

Cycle 8's Renee Alway


I vote for Bianca to win it all the way. Especially after some dumbazz member of the "Cankles McCanklesons" (aka The Nikki Blonsky family) fucked her mom up over some dumb shit.

Who do you THINK will win?

Who do you WANT to win?


kyasmami said...

Yea i agree, Neyo has his moments where he looks slightly fuckable...
If i was really desperate...
Ok maybe not...
LOVE his music tho big fan of his voice...

S A V V Y F. Baybeh! said...

Know what, KM?
I never really started checking for Ne-Yo until this year.
But the ninj is hot for someone with lips the color of a used pencil eraser.

Sweetberries bka Sweetz said...


Ne-Yo looks fuckable in every pic to me. There is just something about him... But I ain't the pickiest girl on the planet either.

Bianca will win. That's my nigga.....

S A V V Y F. Baybeh! said...

"But I ain't the pickiest girl on the planet either."
I see. **hands you some bifocals and a seeing eye dog**

I hope Bi-Bi wins. She's so cute and TRILL.
I'd also go with Dominique since she's a single mamacita.