Friday, October 10, 2008

Very Scary, Mary!

The CGI, or whatever that shit's called, is BEEEE-NANAS! in this commercial.

Peep how the current Mary, "My Life" Mary, "Real Love" and "The Breakthrough" Marys hung like clothes on a hanger in this commercial for Chevy's new mini-SUV, Traverse.

However, things get quite spooky when the "My Life" Mary appears to have either a bad azz Henessey Buzz...or she done took a dayum dirt nap.
Weekend At Mary's, anyone?

Whatchu think?!


ODARA said...

LMAO!!! I love this commerical though!!!!

The "My Life" Mary with the Gold Braids is hilarious!!!!!!

S A V V Y F. Baybeh! said...

You LOVE this commercial, O-Deezy?!

Don't noooooo commercial make me hug my blankie TIGHT than this spooky shit.
I lovez me some Mary, but a DEAD "My Life" version of her I CANNOT get down wif'!

Taiwan said...

hahahaha, that sh!t shocked me too...

i thought method man was gonna walk down the street.. lol

Anonymous said...

Too many Mary's for me

Lil' Creole Pimp said...

Taiwan, I hate you for that.... I can't help but think it now... He either walking down the street or tryna wash her windshield wearing the crazy contacts and the dirty, nappy hair. My Creole locks can't.


Sav, if you don't see "No More Drama" and "Not Gon' Cry Mary" dead in the back, chillaxin, then you blind/need some glasses to see.