Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mama M.I.A.!

World music superstar and Hip Hop Indian Rainbrow Brite, M.I.A. confirmed that she's preggo by her boyfriend, Ben Brewer of band, The Exit, (also formerly known as Ben Brewer, the boyfriend of my musical pixie homechick, Ellenike Abreu. But that's neither here nor there...) after admitting, "I'm creating a baby."

Don't know why, but I picture Ms. Arulpragasam having something fashionably funky up her sleeves for her little one, which for some reason I picture being a girl named something maaaddd azz crazy, but fun and chic like: Butterfly Beatbox Brewer.

So, peep what Ms. ButterBeat will be peeped on the streets rockin', rather it be day time at mama's festival performance. Or night time, front row-stroller, watching Daddy jam with his band brethren.

I can SO see Triple B on the streets of L.A. in a Run-DMC onesie, baby bubble skirt, Gucci booties, and red bow headband, suckin' on a black and blinged-out Binky while her M.O.M.M.Y. carries her bottles and diapers in a colorful, animal-print diaper bag.

For nite it's time to go Goo-Goo Glam in a dainty pink dress, polkda-dot Uggs and more baby girl bling. Add an Indian baby bag to the mix and you got one hot Butterfly!

What do you see M.I.A. dressing her baby in?