Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Keep Savvy Outta Jail (Reason #1 to VOTE!)

So, this past Friday night/early Saturday morning, some muthafucka, silly sucka azz clucka, jackazz, living abortion decided to fuck with my daughter, Honey D. Honda.
Somebody busted the driver side rearview mirror off the side of my shit for no reason...other than THIS:
Needless to say: I was pissed and MORE THAN ready to send some folks to see Akon and Young Jeezus at the Crossroads.

It's a CRYING DAYUM SHAME that I can't feel comfortable to express my support for the candidate of MY FUCKIN' CHOICE without some shitty asshole coming through and fucking with my baby.
At first, I didn't want to think it was because of my poster. But after someone let the air out of my tire just a couple days after I displayed the poster, I knew it could be none other than me ride and drivin' with my boys B. Rack and Joey B. No one has ever fucked with my car, but now that I'm gettin' all political on punk azzes, somebody makes my shit a victim.

I prayed to the LAWD that I NEVER find out who fucked with my shit. Cuz I AIN'T NEVA skurd of the pen. ('Specially if I could get Oprah, Miley, and Kim KardASShian in my cell. You wouldn't have to call my Savv no more. Instead, I'd be the Pussy Monster. And they'd betta feed me PUSSAY!)

Shouts to my TWITches: ODARA112, SelfEsteemQueen, and latinasiangyrl for offering up some kind azz words right after the shit happened. Much luhvin', ladies! You just may have kept ya from baggin' a 5150 charge! TRILL TALK!

So...instead of ridin' with Obama/Biden on the dash like I was for the past couple weeks, I'll rock my Obama pin with a VENGEANCE! Might even put it on my nipple cuz that's where I see a few of them nasty azz niccas (and biatches, too!!! YUP!) focusing their peepers.
So, I won't even worry about it cuz ain't NOBODY Looney Toons enough to fuck with the kid. I'm a Big Body Benz and most of these cowards are Hyundai Accents; NOT ON MY LEVEL, HOE!

SOOOOOOO...If you ain't registered yet...WHAT THE HAIL ARE YOU WAITIN' FOR?!


Now let me get back to huh/She call me Dracula/Cuz I VACUUM huh!


ODARA said...

Damn Savv...I'm so Mad @ that!

Kitty said...

Dang Savv that's a bad hit. I'd be ready to beat a beach's ayuss over my wheels.

Chay said...

wow thats crazy. i just bput my obama shit in my window and i wish a nigga would fux wit my shit