Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Reason #A BILLI Why We Need to VOTE!

I know I'm later than Bristol Palin's period FRESH off of birthing baby Trig. (<--Yeah, I said it!)
But, this weekend I took time to re-watch Sarah Palin's interview with CBS's Katie Couric .
As I was the first time I peeped the interview, I'm actively remaining emm'effin' SPEECHLESS as to why anyone with half of a left side of their brain would want to vote for this fuckin' mutha!

Especially, at the 3:38 mark, when Couric asks Palin if she'd "support a moratorium on foreclosures in order to help average Americans keep their homes." Peep Dumbo's answer and tell me she's voteworthy.

However, the proverbial "cake" was taken at the 4-minute mark when Palin responds to Couric's question about the pros and cons of supporting this moratorium.
Palin replies: "Some decisions that have been made poorly should not be rewarded, of course,"
"By consumers?" Couric interjects.
Palin concurs and throws in a "and predator lenders" for good measure.
Operation: CleanUpTheBullShitYouJustSpewedCuzThat'sTRILLYWhatYourBeliefsAre FAILED!

Cuz...WHY ARE THESE BANKS BEING BAILED OUT, then?!?!?! Some of these institutions were the "PREDATOR LENDERS" you're speaking of, hoe! If they're being bailed out for BAD BUSINESS and poor decision-making, why can't average Americans be bailed out for the same reason?

Palin goes on and tries to sweep up her verbal mess. However, again, Operation: CUTBYJSCTTWYBA FAILED. You said what you meant and you meant what you said, trick.

So...I said all that to say this:

We cannot let a "regime" like this rule our land. Where it's ok to fuck up if you're a multi-million dollar company who should KNOW better. But it's not okay to be an average American wanting a piece of the pie that society sells us dreams of so bad that you neglect to read the fine print and end up screwed in the end.

If you STILL ain't registered, COME ON, NOW!!!!!
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