Tuesday, November 25, 2008

System Overload

YO!!!!! My Loyal Savvy FAT'Liens!

Today, on New Music Tuesday, my Hip HOp HIGHNESS of the moment, Kanye Wizzest, releases his 4th studio effort and next GINORMOUS hit CD, 808s & Heartbreak.

Everybody gigged out over his heart-wrenching, emotional roller-vocoding of the lead single, "Love Lockdown" on this year's VMAs. Now's the chance to cop the entire album of brokenhearted hip hop ballads!!! LimeWireBEST BUY, here I come!

But...even better than the new, NEW Kanye ish is the SavvyFatty FreakMixxx of "Love Lockdown"...on the Social Media tizznip!
This goes out to ANY- and EVERYbody who's ever used a social networking site. You chit-chatted with a few folks, doing a lil' bullshitting, maybe a lil' networking and conversing with folks. One convo lead to the other; next thing you know you got an eBFF.
Soon, after hitting your ass up on every Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and the like you got, that eBFF quickly turns to an eStalker.
Then, shit quickly gets outta hand and you don't know which way to turn.


**Shout outs to all the ninjas and beaches I chat with daily via Gmail Chat. Fresh Shouts! to my TWEEPS reppin' over at Twitter. TWITTER PARK PIRU on mine, CUHZ!!!!!

"Don't Tweet Or Gmail Now"

by S A V V Y Fatty!

**making the bass line on my desk**

1st Verse

I start followin' you

Cuz you asked me to

Hardly even knew

But ya Tweets seemed cool

But you Tweet too much

Free time is long

You'z a grown azz bitch and still live at home

So you over post

Over OVER! post

Post too gotdamn much!

Now it's over, love

You done lost control

Twitter Overload

Fail Whale screamed': "NO MO, MO MO MUH-MO'!"


Done with followin' you

But I'll remain cool

Better shit to do

Than bullTWIT with you

So I blocked my posts

Tweet 'em on the low

So now ya nosey azz will never know


Don't Tweet or Gmail now

Tweet or Gmail now

Don't Tweet or Gmail now

Tweet or Gmail now

So keep ya nosey azz out

Ya nosey azz out

So keep ya nosey azz out

We're through


I stopped followin' you

Way I wanted to

Was gone lose my cool

You done lost ya screws

Gotdamn BooBoo the Fool

So I gotta move

I can't remain sane

And still Tweet with you

So I speak my mind

And I let you know

"Follow me no mo'!"

You got angry though

Wasn't so kind cuz I told you

But shit ain't never got through

We're through

Bid adieu


I'm like fuck it, dude

Let me not be rude

I unblocked this ho

From my email too

She didn't waste no time

Shoulda been a crime

Tryna Gmail chat

All damn day and night



Ain't emailin' you

Way you want me to

Now ya screen name's new

And I never knew

Chopped it up with you

Had mad love for you

But ya cover you blew

Now you really through

Now my blood is boiling

Punches gon' throwin'

Yo eye gon' get swole

Only God knows

If you'll sneak me, too

Nigga I'm the troof

You'll lose

And get bruised


Me and Twitter's through

Me and Gmail, too

The Net's got to go

Too many fools

I will Tweet no mo'

Email's a wrap fa sho

I'm not followin' you

Or Gmailing you


You lose
You lose
You lose
You lose

Thank you! Thank you VURRY MUCH!!!!



Kitty said...

Omg you got me dying over here. And this is too on point. I've had to stop following fools or block em for being too damn... wack! Too much time on their hands. Wanting to direct message you some BS all the time and what not. Luv it Savv.

Mario said...

OMG This shiggity was hilarious. AND you know I went to Best Buy to cop the album yesterday...Gonna buy another copy tomorrow for my big sis too.

Ethereal Lover said...

Damn that was too funny! Now you've got me tryna listen to Kanye's CD on iTunes.

Pigskin Loving Lady said...

BWAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *standing ovation**handing Savvy a twit-award. You da bomb.
Ain't emailin' you

Way you want me to

Now ya screen name's new

And I never knew

Loves it!

yeahisaiditworld said...

That's Eff'd UP!!! LMMAOROTGDF!!!

That the business! You need a manager after the KW remix is complete, give me a holla NEENJAH!

Anonymous said...

This Hott

KindredSmile said...

Yes, yes YES. This mix just made my whole lifespace glorious.