Thursday, November 27, 2008


hey. Hey! HEY!!!
Get your nasty minds out the gutter. It's short for "Thanksgiving Day Blogging," you filthy nasty bastard!

Anywhoo...yeah, it's that day. You know. I know it. The calendar has seen it alllll before.

So, instead of doing that traditional shit for today, I'm at home alone, just on the net browsing pics, vids, news and shit.
And now, I present to you: The Standouts.
I either THOROUGHLY enjoyed them...or I wanted to pry open my monitor and instantly engage in a bout of fisticuffs over the sheer amount of WTFuckery.
**Please Note: At all times I'm NOT going to act like I know where folks is at nor what's going on. I like looking at pretty things--pretty FUCKtastic things. Ok-k-k?

It's 'Yonce, bitches!


Bey'ouncy was out at a zookeeper's camel-toe manufacturing convention press conference for her latest movie role as legendary singer, Etta James, in "Cadillac Records."
(**Sidenote: I used to have a record company. It was called, "Hyundai Kia 8-Tracks."

David Beckham was actively turning my big girl yannies into the River Jordan by continually being THE finest White Man I ever have see'd. Bex was seen out and about in the NYC with two of his sons with wifey, Victoria "Posh Spice" , Brookly, and Romeo.

If I had to describe T-Pain's fashion sense, it'd be Ghetto Beach Bum 19th Century Magician Moderna...or some fuck shit similar.
Copped this pic from Looks like "Topanga" from Boy Meets World wanted to meet "Sooty McOilSlickerstein" in person and finally all her wildest parents' nightmares dreams came true backstage at his concert.
What Would YOU Call T-Pizzle's Fashion Sense?

Nag In The Day
I am SO my grandmother! I just LITERALLY told myself, as I stepped on and DID NOT pick up: "You AIN'T gon' rest 'til that earring is broke."

Cheeks In My Sheets

Does ex-Lost Boys frontman, Mr. Cheeks, know he's STILL in the #1 spot of my Hip Hop Hit List? Just edged out of Young Buck, who was slightly in front of Lil' Wayne, but at least 50 paces ahead of Plies...and 368 ahead of 8-Ball &MJG.
If so, then why ain't he bustin' the door of ChateauSavv down like the ATF who can smell the Mary on my breff?
I need Cheeks to get in betwixt DEEEEZZZZZ Cheeks; QUICK!
Lights! Camera! FAT ACTION!

Jammin' For Jesus

**CHAL-LUNJ: If you know this song, I CHAL-LUNJ you to watch this vid without freeing your soul via your vocal chords. The part where I hold my own personal karaoke contest, the 3:22 mark.

Gospel sibling super-group, BeBe & CeCe Winans, have noooooo IDEAR how much me and my twin cuzzos, Stacee and Tracee along with their lil' sis, Kris, played the plastic and white writing off this tape right here.
This joint was a baptist BANGER, yo! The album, 1991's Different Lifestyles, produced another holy hit, "I'll Take You There" featuring soul singer, Mavis Staples.

**Sidenote: As a kid, I used to say, "Well, what happened to Aa & DeDe Winans? Dumb azz joke, right? (I was a lame elementary school kid with a jheri curl shag; WHAT.CAN.I.SAY?)
**Side-SIDENOTE: There WAS an "Aa" & "DeDe" Winans, lil' sisters, Angie & Debbie, who also had a few contemporary gospel hits back in the early 90s.

Dayum, **whoops** I mean, "DAAAGGGG!" Ma & Pa Winans: Y'all was...**trying to keep it G-sus Christ Rated** producing a gang of good gospel saingin' chil'rens! Including Mario many Winans is that? (haha! J/k No Bad Boy)


So, yeah, I'm sitting here muthabloggin' while treating my ears to Music Choice's Hip Hop station.
Blazing in, like a baby daddy dropping off his kids while ya new man is sitting up in his drawls on the "sticks," comes a lil' ditty by some dudes named Juney Bo and Marc Decoca Soulja Boy'in with a song called "wassupwitdapussy."
This shit is still in its fuckery infancy, so I couldn't find any graphics or vids to prove this shit TRILLY happened.
But like the old saying goes: If some fuckery goes down in the 'hood and no one hears it does E=mC2?
Yeah. Ok.
Still holds no candle to my favorite pussy song at the moment. This gets MUCH play...and MANY BET Uncut videos made to it. YEE!!!

In "Aren't You Ugly Enough You Don't Need Accessories or Unkempt Hair Adding Insult to Unattractiveness Injury" news...
(No. That's All.)

If you're not watching BET's "Brothers to Brutha," (Tues., 10:30pm) you need to add it to your Dysfunctial Black Depictions TiVo or DVR list. It's type-WORTH IT!

This past episode showed the boys visiting their estranged father in his Vegas home. Ninjas wasn't in the house GOOD before Pops and Uncle were going at it and ended up in a bare-knuckle wrestling brawl all over the poor, innocent sofa.
Then Pops calls his own son, Papa (far right), a "biatch" after his son called him out on not really feeling him nor the state of their tumultuous relationship.
Now that "Real Housewives of Atlanta" is outro for the season, you've got an open spot, riiiight behind Keyshia Cole's family fuckshit, "The Way It Is."



Steve Madden's "Shake Up" in Leopard.
(Also available in Zebra; I need those, too. Por.Favor.And.Gracias.)
Cone-heeled, shiny patent, slight pointed toe HOTNESS!

If this pair were miiiiiine I'd freak 'em with a a dusty blue-green pair of shizzades, a chic maribou bolero, beige turtleneck, chunky jewelry, semi destructed flare leg jeans, brown suede bag, a digital flash camcorder and an iPod tizzouch. (both of which I'd like to get for Christmas. So start clickin' on some of these ads...or slaingin' some of your azz and hook a 'Fatty up!)

FALL-iday Fab by SavvyFatty


Now that you've seen what I've been up to today...



NaturallyAlise said...

"Sooty McOilSlickerstein", girl you stoooooopid..... I would call his fashion sense Grimy-Chic...

Oh man my mama used to wear that BeBe and CeCe out so I ended up loving the song and you had my devil ass up in in here sannnnnnging!

Once again thanks for the entertainmennt!

THEflyGIRL said...

You are SO COMPLETELY out of control! LMMFAO!

Sincere said...

this is the closest I could find.
This is the radio version called wassup wit da cookie. They play this fuckery all the time here in ATL on the radio
Update! found the uncut version