Monday, December 1, 2008

Sore Loser Lookin' Girl

Did you see "Tyra" today, the "Modelville" episode?
You know, the one we discussed "HERE," where the ol', losin' azz America's Next Top Model girls, (l-r) Fatima, Dominique, Lauren, Renee, and Bianca are given the chance to become spokesmodels for natural, urban beauty line, Carol's Daughter.
Ultimately, half-man-half-amazing lightbright beauty, Dominique, took the prize, which consisted of a $50,000 modeling contract with the line.

Did you see Renee's sorry, sucka, chump, punk losing ass scurry unhappily off the stage, go up to Fatima, bitchfitshit-talking, then mouth something about not being picked, then race to the top of the stairs and dramatically collapse to the floor?

Did you see that shit?


**outraged mode**
Bitch couldn't even, for one fucking second, be a woman and congratulate her fellow sister in the modeling struggle. Bitch gon' immediately start crying bitch tears about not winning. EVERYBODY can't win, sugarhunnayicedtea! There can only be 1 WINNER...and YOU WASN'T IT, LIL' BIT!

In her own lil' bitchazz words:
"I just worked so hard for this and it's like I just feel like it's over like I can't cannot like move out I haveliterally like $11 in my bank...and I worked my butt off and I just thought that I did the best...Dominique, you did great-I'm so happy for you, but..."

BUT WHAT??!?!?! YOU LOST! EL OH ESS TEE, HOMEGIRL! Getcho shit and go back to ya husband and baby and STEP like Omega Psi Phi, homey-loc!
Ol' Scarecrow & Mrs. King scary-lookin' blonde ho...

Did anybody else catch that?
If so, what you think?


deeteezy said...

LMAOOOOOOOOOOO the Que reference had me dying..

mmmm I love me some Que's

S A V V Y F. Baybeh! said...


I used to be in LOVE with this one from San Diego State University.

Alvin Burrell: If you're out there...HOLLA AT A FATTY!!!
The way you used to step...OOOHHHWEEEE!!!
**fans self while ordering a new pair of yannies online**

Assertive Wit said...

I was home sick and I really sat there with the selection in the Guide on this and decided against it because Tyra usually throws me in a rage with something she says, does, has on, or her hair just upsets me...dammit! I knew I shoulda watched this shat! I'ma look for it on youtube....LOL