Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Meet Shannon West

A 24-year old wifey, mommy, and up-and-coming plus-sized pearl from the City of Angels.

When not ripping a runway or having her cuteness captured by camera, Shan's spending time with her honey, Brian, and their 4-going-on-40-year-old daughter, Briannon; also an up-and-comer on the modeling map.

Shannon and I crossed paths back in October at West Hollywood's, "Love Your Body Day;" an event designed for women to love and appreciate themselves, whether they be Big Body like a Benz or teeny tiny like a Tercel.

SavvyFAT'Liens: You knoowwwow I was all up and through that thang; loving my boday while actively promoting the foolish, but oft-times informative site that is SavvyFatty.

From across the room I noticed Shannon: all suited and cute'ed up in her denim shirtdress that I was MAD jelly over.
From her sweet smile, I knew she'd have an approachable personality...and wouldn't mind taking my lil' ghetto business card. ;-)
We exchanged compliments and chatted it up for a bit. Once she told me she was a model, I knew I had to feature her on SF because you all know: I'm ALL about using your fat for fab.

I caught up with Shannon to see what this rising star is all about AND because I like to catch folks while they're still one of us "reg'la folk"; while I still can holla at her, like: "Hey, Shan! It's ya girl, Sav!" and she won't shoot me the Side-Eye of "Uhm...Do I Know You?"

Real talk: Shannon's a cool girl. See why I had to put this big beauty on your radar.

We eSat down and chopped it up about what it's like being a Fat Femme Fatale in Southern Cali, the Land of the Plastic Fantastic. I ucks with Shan because she's just as confident in her curves as I am. And through her experience modeling and mine being the Biggest, Baddest Blogging Biatch you ever did see, we wanted to show those who may rage against their rolls that IT'S OK! WE GET IT POPPIN'!

SavvyFatty: So, Shan, being born and raised in Southern Cali, the fake capital of the globe, did you ever feel pressure to be something other than the luscious lady you are?

Shan: You know I'd be lying if i said, "No."

There are those mornings when i feel "fat and nasty." But i have a great family that always convinces me otherwise! I always remind myself that there tons of women like myself and someone has to let it be known that: Big is beautiful!

SF: Many plus-sized women don't have the confidence to even look themselves in the mirror on the daily, let alone get in front of a camera or out on stage to flaunt their poundage for the world to see. Where do you get your cool confidence and sexy self-esteem?

Shan: Growing up, people always said, "You'd be so pretty if you lost some weight or just dropped a couple of sizes/pounds. Once I got older, I was an emotional and physical wreck! I was a beautiful woman on the outside, but dying on the inside because all I could think about was numbers! Then it dawned on me: Why should numbers define who I am? i am a beautiful woman with lots to offer the world. I need to show it! And perhaps in my quest to get acceptance for my fellow big girls, I will raise some people's self-esteem along the way.

SF: I <3 Beth Ditto and Mia Tyler. Who are your favorite plus-sized pretty ladies in the public eye…besides me, of course? ;^p

Shan: I love Queen Latifah, Mo'Nique, Tocarra, and Jennifer Hudson!

SF: Besides the unadulterated "gorge" that is your face, what's a fave body part of yours?

Shan: My breasts! They are so full and soft. [pause] Sounds like porn, huh? [laughs]

SF: Uhhh...Yeah, it does. And won't be no touchin' of yourself on my blog. Well, not today at least. **snickers**

What about your man's favorite facet of the fab fluffiness that is you?

Shan: Oh! My man is definetly a "butt" lover! That is his fetish!

SF: **blushes** OK! I hear dat! GO BRIAN!

Ok, let's switch gears back to the G-rated. Remember: This is a family blog! We want Briannon to be able to read this post one day without spontaneously combusting out of sheer embarassment, right?

Shan: You're right! [laughs] Ok...moving along...

SF: What plus-size store or website would you make it RAIN ON if you was paid like you weigh?

Shan: I absolutely love Ashley Stewart! Whether you have $20 or $200 you can come out of there looking fierce! And the clothes fit "us" great!

SF: I like everything from the cheap chic of Forever 21, the indy feel of, the playful palettes of Heatherette, to the colorful cool of Custo Barcelona. Which line, store, or site do you wish offered apparel for the Ample Amazon?

Shan: I would say Forever 21 because they seem to have some pretty, fashionable apparel at a more than affordable price.

SF: What steps does one take to become a fabulous modeling fatshionista like yourself?

Shan: Honestly it is all about networking, networking, networking! Keep your eyes open for any and all auditions. Even if the role/ gig doesn't call for plus-size because you never know: You may go in there and knock 'em dead and they might change their minds!

SF: Alright! Go 'head! GO 'HEAD! I see that "go-getter" spirit in you. What's next for Shannon?

Shan: Only God knows! But I am ready and excited for whatever He has planned!

SF: Have any closing words for our supple sisters who don't share our level of love for our plush lush?

Shan: Yes! First and foremost: Women AND men both have to know that God made you who you are! And he DOES NOT make trash! So one must practice self-acceptance at all costs. And remember: No matter the amount of clothes you wear, your curves are STILL there. So be happy with yourself and ALL that you have!

SF: Ok-K-K!!! **waves Martin Luther King, Jr. fan in the a-yer** YES!

So, when you get all big (no pun intended) and stuff, will you remember me and take a moment to pop a bottle with your homechick, Savvy F.Baybeh?

Shan: And you know this, man! SUPER HONESTLY!!!

Alright! There it is, folks! Shan said she'd remember your girl when she's backstage at the Lane Bryant show and I'm outside the tent with a wad of Real Women Dollars trying to buy my way in.
She's such a sweetie, though, right?

And, please note: This interview ain't just for my health!
I can't count the number of emails I receive on a monthly basis from big girls and women who feel ashamed, embarrassed and uncomfortable with their size. They thank me for "being me," and repping "us" unapologetically, which is all well and good.
But, what does ME doing ME do for YOU?

My purpose with this interview and this site, as a whole, is to promote SELF-LOVE! More than anything, I want those of you reading this that don't feel comfy being lumpy to start appreciating yourselves for the BEE-YOO-TEE-FUL, bad mamajamas you are!
Like Michael Jackson said before he went completely White Woman:

Now, I'm stepping off my retro-fitted soapbox to put the focus back on ShanTheWoman:
Tell me how much you love her!


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She's so pretty! Best of luck to her. I thought that was you for a second. LOL

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Shannon is a beautiful go-getter hitter! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

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