Monday, January 26, 2009

3 Questions: The Obama's Dat 'N!' Edition

...and by 'N' I mean 'NEW PRESIDENT,' SNITCHEEEZZZZ!!!!

1) How muthafucking HAAARRRDD are Jeezy and Jay going on the remix to the Obama ode, “My President’s Black?” Like: Fa real, tho!

2) Have you ever heard the following sentence: "I want a jheri curl right quick..."

3) How do you think James Evans kicked it to the fly, young honey that was Florida?
  • Think he asked her if he could have the pleasure of oiling her neck?

**4) **BONUS: Why do you think the Spork gets such a bum rap?!


nica said...

i don't care how hard that damn song gets mixed. it gives me chills and tears ev'rytime i hear it. and while i am talking about that song i was so so so HAPPY to see that jeezy didn't follow in rickay ross steps and lie to the vid he REALLY had the blue lambo and i be gotdammit the rims was TOO!!!
and u know what i think beauty is only neck deep. u know?? u never know who u will end up fallin for! i mean some ppl look up and they find themselves in the middle of a lupe fiasco song kick..push..coasssssssst. so leave james and his neckless alone!
and as far as waking up and wanting a jehri curl i can think of only ONE person that would wake up and want one and that's kim z cus if i woke up with that wig-weave on my head or over on the nightstand i'd pray for a jehri curl! anything's better than that ish!

Mista Jaycee said...

Sporks are like peanut butter and jelly in the same jar. Sure you like both of them but maybe not at the same time. It's cheap like a wash off instead of a shower. Dig?

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NaturallyAlise said...

KFC was the first to bring the spork to us mere commoners, the spork is not effective at either function: can't eat soup with a spork, can't eat salad with a spork. Only mashed potatoes are spork compatible. the spork is like a Betamax, it'll get the job done in a clutch but still sucks and is outdated, capiche?