Monday, January 19, 2009

Do You Wanna Love SOMEBODAY?

Happy MLK Day, folks!

I hope you're also enjoying the holiday off. If not, **laughs uncontrollably as I sip my Two-Buck Chuck from my couch while sporting the finest knockoff Tommy Hilfiger tank dress my mama's 1996-vacationing-in-Acapulco $$$ could buy**

Just kidding, folks. You know I luhh y'all like fat kids love the ice cream truck. And I didn't come here to hate on your work situation; just came to spread some "King Holiday" loving in the form of a 1986 Pop, R&B, and Hip Hop video celebrating the Reverend's legacy. And in honor of the Ultimate Dreamer, we'll play a little game entitled:

How many of the following can YOU spot?

1) Dookie-Thick King Offspring 'Staches?

2) Pre-Kanye West Shag & Shades Combos?

3) Introspective Dr. King posters where his facial expression is UNDOUTEDLY saying, "Laaawwwddd, I Hope These Ninjas Don't Uck This Up After I Worked So Hard AND Had My Life SNATCHED For Their Punk Arses."

4) Pair of grey sweatpants that NEVER had a chance of being loose-fitting

5) Red-Cardigan-Sweater-Wearing New Edition members simultaneously resembling a My Little Pony and hip-popper Lil' Mama

6) Teena Marie mullets

7) Whitney the Snowgirl

8) Menudo members that would grow up to marry wives

9) DeBarge porn 'staches

10) Yellow satin jackets with pockets storing cupcakes, Slim Jims, and sleep apnea machines



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