Monday, January 21, 2008

**singin** Cuz I need SOMEBODYYYYYYY...

Happy MLK Day, my folks! Photobucket Shouts to the Dream and us needing to live it DAILY! (Including me! Cuz when I get stuck in traffic behind the WRONG car or when I'm in Wal-Mart just simply trying to live my life...I can turn into Photobucketfa real!!!!!Don't let my man's marches, speeches, and the people's sit-ins be in VAIN! And to those who still are on that racism and discrimination shit, just remember: CONTENT OF THE CHARACTER!
**Oh...and here's a funny to counter that negativity I spewed above:

Ok...**gettin out map and finding my city**
Last time I checked, I lived in Southern California. Always sunshining, mild weather, not a cloud in the SKY Southern California. Where it's hardly EVER jacket weather in the daytime. My city is the SHHH--I mean...a 10! Ehhh! A 10! My city is a 10!!!!!
Well...not today because guess's raining!
**dialin Photobucketand bitchin about false advertisement** it just me (and my girls) who get that "Lovin' Feelin'" in this kind of weather? It's just something about the cold, hearing rain falling on the concrete, the moisture against the windows and the grey of the skies that makes me want to Photobucket
And ask my friends: I am NOT that kind of girl. I'm more of a 'Wham Bam! Thank you, man! Now...uhhh...Don't you have somewhere to be other than on top of me?' Photobuckettype of girl. (that pic is HILARIOUS! Shouts to them South Park dudes!)

But not today. Not in this weather.
I feel like being the sixth (or 7th...depending on how you look at it) member of New Edition right now cuz I'm wantin to ask folks, "Can you stand the rain?" Photobucket I can't! At least not alone. So...I'm off to be with my cuddle buddy.

Thinkin of another "rainy" song. Shouts to Eddie KAAAAANNE! Photobucket **rusty voice singin, staggerin, half drunk, but mostly high in my unzipped performance jumpsuit** Nights like dis I wish/That rain drops would faaaallllll!!!!!!!!!