Monday, March 31, 2008



How many "celebrity" appearances can one make, gel'd and weave'd up, before it's time to freshen your camel toe by hanging up your swap meet leggings, unpeeling your lacefront, logging on to and getting a REAL job?!?!?!

The answer: Obviously MORE. **big sigh as eyes roll like some 24'z**
Peep Bootz (Larissa) and Buckeey (Shay) of Flavor of Fuckery riding their 15 minutes of "fame" till the heels come off at BET's Spring Bling show, "Rides, Rims and Runway."

I ain't mad. I know suckin' Ray Ray's dick to get a bag of Wet N' Wavy, and sounds and 13'z put on ya Cavalia' ain't the bidnizz no mo'. Get dat guap!
But my thing is: Does it ALWAYS have to be on some ghetto shit?! I'm sure Meet the Press would LOVE to have these nice young ladies' opinions on the economy and/or the Presidential Race.
**slaps self with the 'Yeah, Riiiiight' stick**

Larissa's stuffed like a Christmas Ham in dem Baby Forever 21 acid wash skinny floods, ain't she? Guess that fuckin' for appearances dough is keepin' her LACED with Popeye's 3-piece combo meals like NEVER before.
And donde esta all that azz she was shakin' when she asked Flav what he was gon' name her during her season on FofF?


HotSauce!! said...

Your a complete fool....I just abour cried reading this post. Lord help was like you were yanking shit out of my brain. Thanks I needed that!!

ROFLMAO @ Flavor of Fuckery *dead*

Miss Sweetberries said...

All that ass she used to have was added on to them titties.....
And Shay with the white on off white...we gots ta do better!