Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Give me that Dusty Looooooooove!

Good morning, SavvyFatty'ers! Happy Tuesday! (<--whatever the hell that means! If it ain't Friday, it ain't right!)
Ain't much going on this morn. I am SUPERVISOR and CARING ABOUT WORK-FREE today! So...you just do you! And U'mma do me! Sittin' at work chillin' on SavvyFatty!

Sooooo...let's cut to the chase:
I think someone has an office crush on ya ol' girl.
**noddin' head while lickin' lips and poppin' starched white collar**

And why wouldn't they? I mean I only steps up in this piece in the best collared shirts, sweaters and jeans (<--YUP! Found out they couldn't really enfore a dress code cuz we're gubment employees...so I tucked the slacks like an iced out chain on the corner of MLK Blvd and Malcolm X Ave!!) that Lane Bryant and their $50 off a purchase of $150 or more coupons can buy!

For the past few weeks one of my elderly coworkers (YES!) has had NO problem standing behind me for a good 86 seconds before actually opening her (YES! HER!) gums to say something. And usually when she does finally speak, it's some half thought-through NON-funny joke or gossip that I'm supposed to be remotely interested in. But since she's on the geriatric set and the only other negroid in my office, I entertain her bullshit by smiling sweetly.

And how do I know she's there in the first place, you ask?
Well, first off: The beezy is forever rockin' at least one piece of one of them circa 1991 noisy ass jogging suits. If she ain't rockin' the pants and causing bleeding ears throughout the building with each footstep, she is mosdef in the jacket. That shit right there gives her away as soon as she stands up out of her chair and steps out of her cube. All you hear in the aisle is "Swish swoosh sweesh swoosh." And when it stops directly behind my head, at that moment, I know she's there. Standing silently while staring at the back of my weave.

I NEVER turn around. NEVER EVER for fear that if I turn around too soon she'll be licking the PolyDent off her dentures and forming a dust cloud by rubbing the hail out of what's left of her clit. Photobucket
Because...why else would she be staring at the back of my dome for so long? Other than the fact that she's imagining what it would be like to have all 2 packs of my Venus MicroYaky all up and through her fingers as I'm diving lips first into her lovely lady lap. **coats back of throat with corny vomit**

Damn me for being the sexy big beast I am!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, lol ur funny!

kimmysan said...

Uh-oh...I don't think Oprah would 'preshiate some other dusty old box gettin' at her wife!! Ol' girl besta back off...lol

Oh, and lmao that fukkin' pic...you'se a damn trip!!