Monday, March 31, 2008

CESAR is the reason for the season!

I know some of y'all is like, "DAAAAAMMNN!!! That bitch is a pussy postin' MONSTAH today!"
Yup! In my white tee!
And the reason...It's Cesar Chavez day, snitches!! A Cali holiday!!!! And a bitch got TIIIIMMEEE!!! I'z at home just kickin' it like Xscape in my Faded Glory tank, Mossimo sweats, mismatched socks and NEW! weave.
Oh, I just LUV'Z me a 3-day weekend!!!! Ain't NUH'CHIN like it!!!!! (Well, maybe a fresh order of rolled tacos with sour cream, cheese, guacamole and a horchata...or Floyd Mayweather, Idris Elba and Kim Kardashian fighting over who's gonna bless my tiny mike first!)

So sit back, relax, read on and getcho comment on, you bastahds!