Friday, April 11, 2008

MC Bama

**putting on 'Nice' cap**

You know what?
I ain't even gon' taze MC Hammer's babygirl, A'Keiba Burrell, for looking like part time choir director/part time drag queen Fontlutrell Simms on the set of MTV's "Rock the Cradle."

If she wants to rock a blue pleather belt directly beneath her clavicle, then that's HER business. Who am I to judge my fellow big biatch on her style choices?
Plus, her ass sung the DOG SHIT out of Jennifer Hudson's "I Love You, I Do" on the premiere ep of "RTC." Had me wavin' my chuuuch fan and shakin' my tambourine like, "YEAH!" I say she wins it all...if the shit was on BET. But I know one of them young Y T's are gonna take the crown.


Sane said...

Man, I wasn't even gon' GET ON this girl right here but......yeah
....the belt thing is killin' me. $10 bucks says n'ea one of Landon & Lil' B Sure tryin' to "talk" to her on the sligh when the cameras ain't rollin'. I'm not gon' knock the fro she rockin' neither but she could have at least, AT LEAST.....sprayed that shit down with some Good Fred's Oil ( I grew up in the 80's so...they probably don't even make that junk nomore )