Friday, April 11, 2008

What the HELL, 'Monae?!

Bad Boy future Dungeon Dweller artist Janelle Monae and a host of other ATLiens arrive on the red carpet at the opening of the Atlanta Ballet presentation of "BIG."
**flatlining slowly** I won't even waste my time, nouns, verbs, or adjectives to describe this fuck shit right here. I will let the post write itself while I remove my soul from the depths of my being and FedEx it to the Most High.

**THIS JUST IN: IS IT TRUE?! COULD IT BE?!?! ME OH MY!...A HATER!! a Soft & Beautiful kiddy perm: JUST FOR ME!
Peep the ANONYMOUS (Silly coward! Anonymity's for kids!) comment rant of SavvyFatty's VERY FIRST hater! OH! FINALLY! After 28 years! My very first hater! Tis a date which will live in infamy! YAY ME!

*Sidenote: This hea' mah juke joint! If I don't like something, no matter WHAT its purpose, I have ZERO, ZILCH, and NO problem saying so! So...You can hate me NOW! **blows kisses**


Anonymous said...


She was in the ballet. It's called "being a ballerina".

Grow up.

Nevermind -- that's asking too much. Stay like you are.

Just do some damn research.

Nevermind, I'll do it for youy -- Here's a review...