Friday, May 23, 2008

Cinch Sak SEXY!


photo hijacked from C+D

I ain't gon' lie: Something about these lil' horny middle-schoolers turn my Caciques into Lake Superior faster than you can make the sex cry-yyyyy! Don't know if it's the provocative lyrics, the washboard abs that are BEGGIN' for a tongue bath or the beat the pussy up, beat the pussy UP gyrations **fanning self**...but whatever it is, I'd R. Kelly it!

  • WHO DEE HAIL left the Hefty Cinch Saks by the sewing machine?
  • Why is dude with the high top jackin' Terminator X's 1991 swag HARD?!
  • Who in the industry was the lucky recipient of a Norwood Young salad toss in order to get his son in the group?
  • Shouldn't Slick 'Em be somewhere thanking the Gods of Photoshop for making him appear normal, instead of like the nigger coon spawn of Monster from The Muppets?


kimmysan said...

lmao...girl I loves me some Pretty Ricky too....**reminiscing the days when I got my p***y beat** sigh...

Oh and it's Animal(not Monster) from the ironically the name applies to Slick 'em either way

kayellejaye said...

Double Yuck! I can't stand these clowns. But if B2K were still in business, I'd be back in the front row having plenty of impure thoughts.