Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hot like FIYAH!


Ladies and gents, I'm in a terrible ass mood. Over a comedy ass dude (see pic above) who tried to play ME like a fool.
So here's a FUCK YOU! flow, a hot twenny fo', dedicated to that ho just to let that nigga know, "You NEVER was the onliest!" More like one of fo'! HAHA! ;-)

So...follow me nah...Photobucket

Nigga you play me?
I free a nigga quicker
Than that whale they call Willy
I keeps my heart chilly
It’s ice pumpin’ through these veins
Feelings stay frosty frigid
Like a diamond-danglin’ chain
Nigga GOTTA be insane
Cain’t play a bitch who play
Cuz I just had some other dick
Just the other day!
I keep a contacts list
Full of rough and ready dicks
Shit a bitch can even switch
And dial a sexy azz chick
To give me heady quick
Strap up give me better dick
And now I'll say "BYE BYE!"
Like the chick that married Nick
Maaaan I ain’t even gon’ lie
Shed a tear or two from my eye
But I’m headin’ to the Pharcyde
And I’ll keep on passin’ you…BYE!


msfre said...

dayum, than nukka musta had the good shit to make you this hurt an bitter! whew! i pity the fool!

nica said...

ahhhhahaaaaa lil dyk n99!!! now u famous on the savvyblog!....girl u like dylan u spit FIRE!!! i love it!

Sane said...

Wow!!! @ Sav'. You should forward that rhyme to his e-mail.

Anonymous said...

Dayum Gina, he gotta hear that ish...dont worry the sun'll come out 2morrow.