Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lady Luck

For years, judging from the menacing sneer on his face to the straight-with-no-chaser verse delivery, I have thought that rapper Bun B had the type of dick game that was equivalent to being stomped in the vajayjay with a steel-toed Timberland boot. **salivating** Cuz I'z a big gal and ooohhh, baby! I like it ROOOUUUGGGHHHH!!!!
So when I wasn't letting my fingers linger, daydreaming of the day when Big Dick Cheney would perform such an act on moi, I was wondering about what kind of woman WOULD he give the beeswax to. And lo and behold, here her is!!!:


Lucky Bitch Queenie Freeman, Big Dick, and an inside-out chimney were partying it up at the II Trill Private Listening Session held inside of the Houston Galleria's Louis Vuitton store. Also on hand were the Mini-Buns, Bun B's trill'dren.


kayellejaye said...

LMAO @ inside-out chimney! You got me making noises in public.