Monday, June 9, 2008

I Wanna Fu-Love You

**scans office, then slowly slips nipple out**
My loyal SF'ers: You know'z I luhvz me some Pretty Boy Floyd like fat kids love to eat a whole box of Little Debbie's Nutty Bars to themselves., there's NUH'CHIN like the sight of fresh charbrizzity on this Monday morning!

photo source

Akon, looking grill-FRESH! in all-black, walking the red carpet at Nelly's All Star Studded Weekend held at the Red Rock Resort & Casino in Sin City, knows just what to do to make my yannays sing a sooooonnnnng. [/Earth, Wind & Fire]
Mmm! Exxon Valdez goodness!

Here's "Soot-Sexxxay" again, with Nelly and JD on the red carpet, standing in the exact order I'd bang 'em in:
photo source

1) Akon: Mmmm! Turn my sheets from satin'y smooth to the ground at Jiffy-Lube!;

2) Nelly, just **whispers** as long as he brought somebody ELSE's dick game. We all read that article in Ozone about him packin' a Vienna sausage like a Pre-K lunchbox, no?;

And in 4,617,332nd place, just edged out by the ghost of Flip Wilson dressed as "Geraldine," comes Damita Jo's own personal growth-stunted Stuart Little, JD.
While he's out on the town doing grown man hood rat stuff, I know there's a 7 year old somewhere frantically searching for and missing a set of play clothes.
**setting up microscope to get on his level, ho**
It ain't right, 'Maine! You up there stuntin' and frontin' while kids got tag to play.


Hollatyogirl said...

I love the chocolate delight but AKON. YUCK!!!

Now weezy, I'll take.

Savv'alier said...


**writin' the remix for Holla's smart mouf ass**
I see talkin' and hawkin'
Up on my blog
I know you see me lookin' at you
Bout to LEAP like a frog
I wanna PUNCH YOU!


To anybody else wanna fix they lips to talk about 'Kon, let me just put it out thurr:
Betnot NOBODY say nuthin' bout African Smoke Signals on SavvyFatty!
AKON is SEXXXY! Something about that 11:59pm skintone and Mubutuhushu Mother Africa game got my Caciques type-joosay!

That ninj so fine he could get it right here at my job on top of the conference room table, mayne!

kayellejaye said...

Woooow! Not the 11:59 skintone? LMAO!

And sound effects too.

Well, Akon got plenty of wives so I would hope he knows how to work it.

bshepjr said...

lmao.....*flava fav* woooooooooow