Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mmm!! Monitor-y Delectability!

As I was chillin' over at the homey Coc's and checkin' out her haute spot, I came across this lil' piece of panty eye candy that's dayum near got me givin' my monitor mouf to mouf molestation.
Oooohhh weee!! [/Fez]


Apparently, S. Willy is the cover girl for July's issue of Ebony.
Great. Good for her. **pointer finger applause**

What I really need to know is:
WHO DUH HAIL left the gate open for a muhfucka to photoCHOP all that asstasticness away?!?!?!

Usually, that jooosay's got me cray-ay-zee. But these pics are too tame for this dame.

Iffin' Linda Johnson Rice and 'nem think I'ma spend the night at home, alone, with this mag, a bottle of 2-buck Chuck and a palm full of KY jellay good money on this issue, I need there to be more troof in the advertising, mayne!

LJR & Co.: Don't be skurd of lettin' Reny-Ren' po' out a lil' booty for us ZERO-booty hoes who, try as we might, cain't hump with it. I mean, we could... but ain't nobody HARDLY checkin' for a brick wall in a size 26 pair of Venezia jeans. Believe me. I know.
**checks empty ring finger...commences to wrist-slicing**

So, Johnson Publications: I'll give y'all the go ahead to re-publish this issue and come out with somethin' a little hotter.
And Richie Will'z: **whispers** I give you the permission to allow me the chance to tongue-bathe ya daughter.