Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hoes With Toes

This is my shit right now!!!

If you could be a fly on the wall in my shower, while I'm getting dressed to go to a job that ain't worth its weight in paper clips or the pounds and mounds of stolen Post-It Notes I misappropriate monthly, you'd see I ain't only in there lathering up. I'm also in there shaking my shimmay! I got a lil' special dance I do to this shit, too. (If you see me out in the skreets DON'T ask me to do it as it is the COMPLETE opposite of safe for public. However, it is safe for your parents room after we've knocked back a whole box of wine and a bag of pork rinds dipped in Ranch dressing.) This shit gets MUCH play on the Dell Dimension. This shit KNOCKS!

I know this video is new and all. But I just want to know how the illustrious committee in charge of the Barely Even Tried Awards nominations (you know: the same committee who deemed it appropriate to nominate Kid Sister for "Best Female Hip Hop Artist" even though hardly anybody knows who that is!) missed out on nominating this video.

"What category?" you ask?!?! **rolls eyes then hands your Helen Keller ass a pair of telescopes cuz you blind and need some glasses to see**

Best Display of Metallic Camel Toes

OOOHHHWEEEEE!!! I love this video! And no, not because Lloyd looks like an Al-Qaeda/Michael Jackson-mix version of our Lord and Savior. No.

It's cuz this video is chock full of pussy prints. And like hot wings, fish tacos, Chipotle, and Sunday morning head: I LOVE IT!

Yes, the feminist inside thinks it's disrespectful that the women are free to put their bodies and 'ginas on display for the world while their eyes are covered. I do think that's rude. However, I can fully understand the artistic reasoning behind it. That reasoning states: Don't get distracted by knowing or giving a fuck who this bitch is. Just watch her hips rock back and forth, south and north, and get so hypnotized by the way her body's rollin' round and round.

Makes POI'FICK sense to me!

Peep the 1:44 minute mark for THE BEST camel toe ever!! And if you can't see it good on the 'Tube, then please sitcho $5 azz down and watch it on BET or MTV Jams. It's worth it! Just be sure to have your Kentucky Jellay and lap-rubbing hand on deck. You'll thank me later. ;-)


MzPurp said...

This is my sh*t! I luv this song!

LOL! This post was too funny! & Yes she buss'd it whide open w that sexxy dance!..LMAO!

Monniedee said...

Between you and FrankieFBaby... I know I'll end up in hell from the things that I laugh at.

Hollatyogirl said...

I LOVE this song and video but mostly just because I want Lloyd to slap me in the face with his 21' yaki #5

bshepjr said...

hmmmmm, i wonder who's playlist that's on?


MzBabyPhatPhat2U said...

Gurrl, You'se a mess!! (put not hot Azzed)LOL half the time you have me on the floor (dying from laughter) the other half you got me scratching my 3 week old finger waves screaming Wha Da Fcuk?- LOL No sa... (to the 3 weeks old finger waves we really pushing 5) LMAO

Savv'alier said...

Ayyy! It's my folks, Purp & Dee!! What up, beeyotchezzz?!

Holla: Braing yo azz over here expeditiously so I can make yo bottom lip beat up my elbow! LMMFAO!
While he's slappin' you with the Numero Cinco he can bless me... **unzippin' Venezias**...with the digits of every bitch in that video, specifically homechick with the smooth-like Enamel toe. Whoops! That's all of 'em.
**erasing the numerous Chipotle and Popeye's locations in my contacts list to make room**

BSHEP!! My personal Ike Turner...uhhh...I mean MAIN MUSIC MAN!
Yup! Yup! You know it is on one of my fave shower mixes!

Savv'alier said...

BPHAT! Glad you be swaingin' thru to enjoy my level of fat bitch fuck shit!

But...Uhhh...MzBPhat...**checking calendar** whatchu doin' with finger waves in the New Millenium?
Unless you ho'in for Bishop Don Magic Juan and/or rollin' with Team Frankie and Neffie, I'mma need you to at least step it up to Goddess braids level. I got $1.29 on a bag of kanekalon. Holla atcha girl!

HAHA! Just fuckin' witchu. Please don't go, girl!! It would ruin yo S-Curl...I mean my whole world. ;^p

Sane said...

Who does Lloyd's flat iron??? That ish is FLAWLESS.

Yo, he should never EVER go to jail, lookin' that feminine, with that soft voice of his. He'd be roughed up quicker than Money Mike was when Damon cornered him in Craig's bathroom in Friday After Next.

Neverendingchase said...

OMG!!! Sav, we are either long lost sisters or soul-mates..I wonder which one. i also looooove this song! I love it so much I made a :a-hem: video to it. Annnnnnnnnnnd ain't pork rinds w/ranch??!!??

Neverendingchase said...

see my fat ass was so excited that sumbody else eats skins w/ ranch i coulnt even finish my thought...but any-hoo thats the shit!!! lol!!!!

Oscar said...

Great post!!! I'll supply the box of wine, you bring the rinds. I wanna see that dance.

NewsDiggers said...

The girl at the 1:44 minute mark went pass a camel toe. That chica was sporting a moose knuckle.

ODARA said...

*Dead* @ Moose Knuckle...I just wanna run my fingers through Lloyd's Hawaiian Silky tresses... Mocha-hauntess ain't got nothin' on him...