Thursday, July 10, 2008


Lindsay Lohan's lil sis, Oscar Meyer Weiner Snap Into A Slim Jim, Ali, has a new single, "All The Way Around" which she says, "shows off her hip hop side."

**places machine gun to temple; tickles the trigger**

I heard this bullfuckery while watching E's reiteration of the shit they JUST showed less than 30 minutes earlier on E! News, The Daily 10.

Ummmm...**mad perplexed and vexed** If this shit right here is hip hop, then me and Amy Winehouse share a pair of jeans and Ashanti is more than capable of getting onstage and blowing Superhead Patti LaBelle-style. I ain't heard something less hip hop since I spent two and a half hours with my DVR and remote control watching 106 & Park trying to learn the Soulja Boy.

Ooops. Did I say that? [/Steve Urkel] Haha! J/k. No Ice T.

But I realized that, as I punished my ear drums to the highest level of punishtivity while watching this vid, instead of leaning back and/or shaking my salt shaker like most hip hop beats make me do, I actually stood up and busted a simultaneous Twist/ Achy Breaky Heart combination. And Ali's right: I never felt closer to Rakim & Eric B than I did right then. [/sarcasm]

HIP HOP MUSIC: Here's what they think about you!

Bet those KFC, Taco Bell commercials, and Brooke Hogan collabos don't seem so worth the money earnin' like Mount Vernon anymore, huh?