Wednesday, August 6, 2008

They Want Me With My Hands Up!

Yeah! Shouts to Lil' Weezy for jumpin' on that track with Robin Thicke and soundin' like a drunken Southern dayum salamander. HOTNESS!

Lil' Kim and gal pals LisaRaye (R) and Angel Lola (L) Luvin' The Way You Tryna Pass That Azz Off As Yours celebrated her tittays' 8th nose's 2nd facelift's 6th birthday this week by throwing back shots at a party at Spotlight Live in the NYC.

The Queen Bee, obviously bustin' the MC Hammer if you were to pan out, looks aw'ight in these flicks; I gotta admit it. She's not lookin' like the usual Choco Crypt Keeper we've grown to loathe over the past 8 or more years.
Too bad nobody's hardly checkin' for her music anymore, though. The only way I'd get down with the Queen again was if she went on a world tour wearing her old short hair (a la Aaliyah's "If Your Girl Only Knew" {0:27 & 0:33 marks}vid) and every outfit from the "Crush On You" {<<--My fave!} vid.
SavvyFatty'ers: You know I love the way you feel-a/Sip my Tequila/Heard from the dealahz/All in chinchillas


jamie aka afro jamaicano said...

lola luv jus seems like she is constanly leaking fluids. like idk wuh it is, buh sumthin about her says "dont sit on a chair that i sat on"....

stfu crush on u is my fave too! i remember the usmmer it came out! bak in those days vids/bidness was conducted in basically ny/cali/fl so everybody was always at everybody else's video shoots showing luv

Afrodite said...

Ahhh, the choco crypt keeper. For that, my friend...I'm adding you to the blog roll.