Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'd Kiss These Girls and I'd Like It!

The Girl I'd Be If I Wasn't Black With Ninja Naps And Didn't Work A Gubmit Job, Kat Von D, was spotted on the red carpet at the X Games Awards held at The Stork, L.A. last Thursday.
I LOVE LOVE! LOVE! Kat's look from head to toe. From the dark onyx high hair, to the 50's rocker pin-up makeup, to the tats, to the kiddie camel toe, she's one of my style idols cuz she ain't afraid to step out the box and rep a different side of beauty.

And look who else was in the building, giving me not as much booty as I'm used to lickin' seeing.
Her sister, Chyna Khloe Kardashian, was also in the house lookin' like a pack of linebackers. Hell, I'll throw her manly ass in the mix, too. She'd probably bang my back out better than ANY thug ninja could.
**gives Khloe 'The Eye'**


mzvirgo said...

Is kim losing her booty?