Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Shout out to that lil' elementary schooler from DJ Chuck Teezy's mixtape who is singin' my life with his precocious words!

Me and my girls, aka the Tre Musketeers, are heading to the Great State of Texas next week for a 5 day stint and I. CAIN'T. WAIT!!!
A beezy ain't been on vacation since gas was still a reasonable price! I've been working non-stop like a big, buck, field niggra. But now...it's all coming to an end next Wednesday as me and my girls FLY ROBIN FLY! UP UP IN TO SKY!!!!

So, I don't know what you do, but when me and my girls travel, we like to totally revamp the wardrobe.
we could have a closet full of shit still chillin' with the tizzags (Nas: That red crotchet crop vest that would have looked super-duper HAUTE paired with a plain wifebeater and khaki bermuda shorts!) and we STILL feel the need to upgrade our swag.


I NEED some new clothes baaaddddllyyy.
Just this morning I swea' fo' Gawd that I peeped a pair of Ellesse parked right under that Karl Kani signature T posted up next to my fresh Torrid ish.

And now since the airlines are charging for checked bags (the HORROR!!) and I know it's gonna be hotter than the devil's arsehole down in the Duddy Souf (that's how it goes!) I'll need lightweight, skin-revealing, pieces that can easily transition from day to night.
So, allow me to do a lil' wishful thinkin' a.k.a. eWindow Shoppin', to show you what I WOULD cop if the budget (<<--of cereal crumbs and jellybeans **tears**) permitted.

First up would be this cutesy little denim jumper straight from the clearance section (YES!) of Torrid that can go from casual days to cosmopolitan nights with just the switch of the shirt and accessories.

During the day it could be easily rocked with a plain white tee,
bulky neck scarf
yellow, geometric-patterned hoops, and bronze, quilted gladiator sandals.

For the Party Life match it with a high-collared ruffle shirt in a light, neutral color. Set the whole look off with a pair of patent leather chap pumps and an ultra-modern updo

A bulky, yellow leather purse could be matched with either outfit.
Although a dainty golden clutch would be perfect for that chic evening look.


Peep the other pieces that could find a home in Suitcase SavvyFatty and could be seen rocked around the mean streets (and clubs! and STRIP CLUBS!!!) of Texas.

Red Ruffled Banded Bottom Dress: Cute walking through the mall with silver flip flops. Hotter at night with mustard suede platforms.

Purple Sueded Peep-Toe Ankle Booties: Chic with bermuda shorts or skinny jeans. HAUTE! with a fitted pencil skirt and flirty blouse. (Shouts to my girl Haute for these cutie booties, even though she didn't like them, I think they're BAWSAY!)

Crispy White Ruffle Bodysuit: Ahh! I love nothing more than the romantic feel of a clean-lined ruffle top as they add just the right amount of femme sophistication to any outfit. This particular piece would be perfect with a pair of wide-legged, sailor-inspired jeans and a pair of bold-patterned slingbacks.

Now, if you've enjoyed this post and would LOVE to see your favorite fat girl sizzlin' in San Antonio, lookin' AWESOME! in Austin, or HAUTE in Houston: Gon' ahead and send all donations to 2300 Savvy Street.
Please. And. Thank. You!


Tayo said...

Those looks are kee-ute! Okay, I can't rock all of them, but I'll surely take the overflow of whatever you don't need. Have fun in TX

MayMay said...

I'm all over that denim jumper! Have a blast in TX for me!!!

sugaHoney said...

Ooh, I'm so in need of a vacay. I am definitely jealous. Have fun!!

Monnie Dee said...

Those were some cute finds (you have a good eye), BUT the chick sporting the " ultra-modern updo" face is killing me!!

S A V V Y Fatty!...uhhh...DUH! said...

Ayy, MD!
Yeah, don't it look she's givin' the Side Eye of Breff?

jamie aka afro jamaicano said...

i like the jumper, its fun/whimsical

erbody needs atleast 2 kaffiyehs right about now.. i blame weezy/kanye for that haha. i have a blk/white one that im wearing bak to school and a green/blk one that ill wear to wuk.. they actually mean palestenian solidarity and got rachel ray in some hott water b/c she was wearin one in a dunkin donuts commercial...

i like the shirt/jean combo int he last pic, its smart, yet flirty and femme..