Friday, September 12, 2008

Cuz It's Saturday's Little Brother

**WARNING: There's no rhyme nor reason for this post. Now that you know that...enjoy!

T-Pain is Musical Hogmaws.

Tastes good in all kindsa shit, including birthday cake... but it'll kill ya. "M. Hog" sold his extra-onyx orifices to that ninja, The'Dev'il. But now that ninj is clockin' mo' dollaz than William H. got "Hollas!"
That's all.
**Sidenote on the Video:
  • WHAT kinda sick mind thinks of this type'a shit?
  • Is the stage a fucking 3-ring BINDER, yo?!
  • WHY does the 'Pain figure look like Isaac Hayes's (Respect.) "Chef" character from South Park in Colonel Sanders 'fit, homey?


Speaking of musical artists: Soulja Boi is Musical Top Ramen.
When you're reeaalllll hungry, securely sitting at "Will Eat The Asshole Out Of An Al Reynolds"-level, (<<<--he's the one w/o the nutsack) you can get a lot of it for cheap, but you really shouldn't be digesting it because it's A MILLI percent bad for yoooouuuuuu!!!!


Funniest thing I heard all week
, courtesy of one of my Twitter/BlogTalkRadio homies:

**picture me Pearl-Gate'in'**
Was that you, Odara?!


"It's So Cooolllld In The PC"
By faaaarrr, I think THIS is the most HIGH-lair-e-yus "It's So Cold" remix out there!
Be sure to strap your Pull-Up on prior to pressing play. (<<<---alliteration, much?)
Hear the PC get his frustrations out about the hood rat stuff popping off between RAM and ROM.


Imagine a high-heeled Croc.
Tayo, did you spit that one?


"Somebodies," (BET)
While flipping through the channels last night I caught a quick couple minutes of this kitchen ass version of a Church's Chicken 2-piece with a crispy honey biscuit of a show.
And, in those mere 120 seconds, I could already tell that this show's craft service table had halfed-hot links chillaxin' in the middle of a veggie plate. Complete! with jellay jars full of buttermilk and Ranch dressing.
Don't know why, but I pictured some kind of Debbie Allen/Sounds of Blackness collabo music coming on and playing reeaaall musical-inspirational, church retreat-type ish, too.
I guess the students at the local college were the only one's who'd take money orders and chicken dinners as payment, no?!

What do any of Y'ALL think about any of THIS?!


ODARA said...

HAHAHAHAHHA!!!! you are KRAZAY!!!!!!!!!

damn i didn't realize this ninja was so oiled up in that vid....I bet if he got in the water his speedo would've started making "panty cakes" Dizzzzam!!!

Zebra print drawls...(smh)

& chile I don't get why people still allow their kids to wear crocs??? the news is always showing some kid who got tore up on the escalator wearing those things.

S A V V Y F. Baybeh! said...

I know, right?
After we've been up and down them for YEEEAARRRS, who knew escalators had an appetite to Crocs and toddler toes?

Marleaux said...

I watched Somebodies for a min, and it's cool. I'm trying to give it a chance. Way better than Tyler Perry's show. I can't even stand to let that show watch me.

And unfortunately, there are high heeled Crocs. They sell them at the Croc store. Never been inside though.