Friday, September 12, 2008

Que, Sarah? SARAH?!

If given a rifle and a chance to flee the country, lamping, living next door to FamiliaBin Laden family the chance what would YOU ask Sarah Palin?

As for moi, I'd get in that red, white, and bluekini'd arse like:

Exactly how many negative kadrilliseconds in advance did you know that you were being considered for the Veep spot on the Repubs' ticket before you accepted the position as Hilly C's Right Wing doppelganger?

Would your stance on birth control change if you'd known your own daughter favored Magic Stick as/or about as much as Larry "Wide Stance" Craig?

How were your years on "Saturday Night Live?"

Is there ANYthing colder than an eskimo's pussy?

Have you seen T-Baby's "It's So Cold In The D?"
If so, could you make out her features? And which programs would your Administration start to ensure that she got enough braid hair and didn't have to fill her shit in with goldenrod pipe cleaners?

Who would win in a fight: You or a Klondike Bar?

ABC newsman Charles Gibson gets just that chance while conducting the first media interview with the GOP's Vice Presidential hopeful since she accepted her role as McCain's Depends Dampness Detector spot on the losing or winning-by-cheateration ticket.
Be sure to tune in tonight, ABC! 10PM! to see her answer questions that we all know she's rehearsed the answers to just shy of the number of ninjas who've beat Bristol's budussy (OnTheRecord: 'Tis some bullshit...cuz we all know young, ninjas don't wanna be daddies!) "America's" dying to hear the answers to.


kyasmami said...

I saw a piece of Charlie's interview this mornin on GMA... why dis heffa always so dayum defensive?! Bish sounds ANGRY evrytime she talks... maybe cus she kno we on to her triflin ass!!!