Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Tote A Toolbox

...bitch, it's Hammer Time!

PHILADELPHIA — Police in Philadelphia have released surveillance video of a hammer-wielding man attacking another man dozing in a subway car.

The video shows the attacker boarding the subway just after midnight on Thursday with a young child about 5 years old.

Detective Kenneth Roach says it appears that the man kissed the child, then told him to sit down.

After that, the man reached into a backpack he was carrying, pulled out a hammer and began attacking another man who was sitting nearby and dozing off.

The attack spilled onto the subway platform and lasted for several minutes.

Roach says the victim escaped with relatively minor injuries from what appears to have been an unprovoked attack.

No arrests have been made. (Source)

See the victim's reaction here...

This is kinda the way I've been feeling this week.
Work is boring. Coworker's leaving. I'm prepping for Operation:MoreWork4Free
which is the abbreviated version of
Operation: BetnotSayShitCuzThenYoudBeTheAngryBlackBitchWeKNEWYouWereInsteadOfATeamPlayer.
I got the weight of trying to get non-voters to
vote with voter registration deadlines rapidly approaching.
The weekend is still scores of hours away as 'tis only Hump Day **heavy sigh**
...and a biatch ain't humped yet. **crotch tears**
I don't think I'd take my lack of King Kong Long Schlong as far as servin' a random ninj a heaping helping of some Stanley Kirk Burrell on public transit, complete with a child in toe...but, never know.

How goes it in YOUR neck of the 'hoods?


Mz Tish said...

With this shiggity going on, I am sad to say I am from Philly and I take that same train to work every day and sometimes at night. I even recognized my subway stop from the video! There is always something going on, the school kids just stop jumping random people on the train earlier this year. People gotta do better!

President Anthony Taurus said...

That's a problem right there. If shorty wanna suck a dick, she's welcome to mine. Unfortunately, it won't stay hard for 1000 years LOL.

President Anthony Taurus said...

and that hammer asswhooping was crazy. that's a funny ass title and subtitle LOL

S A V V Y Fatty!...uhhh...DUH! said...

Daaaammnn, Tish!!
Hope you pack you some Young Jeezus in ya purse on the reg if that's how muhfuckas get down there.
I have a friend from Philly who's always sending me stories about the shit that pops there.
The murder rate, at avg of 1 p/day, is shocking!
Now, knowing that you may get HAMMERED for simply riding the train, is beyond unnerving.
Think I'd have to invest in a No Limit Soldier tank if I lived there, man.

S A V V Y Fatty!...uhhh...DUH! said...

Likely response, TonyTaur! Always wicha dick out!

Matter of fact: Bounce off of my site and get back to "cookin' that casserole!"
Soon as the "oven" dings, I'm ready to "EAT!"

mz tish said...

Shit, I thought something was gonna go down last night on the train. Dude was staring at me but come to find out he wanted my 3 piece was I was killing. They don't know I got the burner tucked under my 3rd roll on the left (I am licensed to carry of course!):-)