Thursday, September 11, 2008


They're sticking to THEIR story...are you?




President Anthony Taurus said...

oh we know it's an inside job. big buildings don't fall like that. bush = demolition man.

nica said...

well today ima go to the new pentagon memorial. i haven't been to the pentagon since the plane hit it back in 01. but i think that despite the gov't and whoever else had their hands in this day we have to remember the innocent victims. people going on about their day to day business just like we are today, and like we were THAT day. Let's remember that more than we remember cowboy dubya and his scare tactics. po' out some likka! light it up! and celebrate life!


Ms.M said...

How is it that there is no footage of the plane that supposedly hit the Pentagon?
Isn't the airspace around the Pentagon protected?
Aren't there cameras?
Why didnt the NORAD (North American AeroSpace Defense Command) shoot these planes down after the 1st plane hit?
It's obvious that this was an inside job.
For what?
An excuse to invade the middles east for oil?
To get rid of the WTC which was costing more money to maintain than it was making?
Or was it part of "The Project for a New American Century"??
How is it that the CIA has been holding drills similar to the attacks on the WTC for years before it happened yet government claims they never saw this coming??
They held a drill the same day as the attacks.
It's all bullshit.
Our government doesn't give a fuck about us.
It's all about money & American greed.This country is run by bullies, they want to control the world & are willing to sacrifice all of us.