Tuesday, September 9, 2008

8 Weeks To Go...

Hola, SAVV'itos!
Today is exactly 8 WEEKS until November 4th otherwise known as: ELECTION DAY!

Hope all you FELONY-FREE folks are all nice and registered up-like!

As for the kid: You knowz I stayz registered like a cash drawer!

In all the years I've been eligible to vote (10 to be exact. Why, Father Time?!) I forgot to cast my vote ONE time. I felt so careless and guilty once I knew the polls were closed because I wasn't doing SHIT that day that was worth missing my opportunity to have my voice heard. I DREADED going home to face my fam because I knew the first thing they'd ask for was my voter receipt or to see if I was rockin' my "I VOTED" sticker. So I ran the streets with my thugs ALL NIGHT so they WOULDN'T be waiting for me by the time I got home. (Still didn't stop them from asking me the next day, though. EFF!)

Voting was and IS that serious in FamSavvyFatty. As it should be in EACH household and familia. It's more important than Jordans, flat screens, and any other aspects of keeping up with or showing up the Joneses. It's THAT serious!

So, needless to say I was POST-PISSED when, just last weekend, I found out my very own 20 year old brother, who grew up with the same MamaSavvyFatty who took me to the polls with her EACH and EVERY time there was an election, is NOT registered to vote.
I popped off Tanisha-style at that muhfucka, calling him dayum near every Thesaurus.com synonym of "worthless" and "trife" I could find. Especially since I knooowwww if it had been one of these video game companies holding a campaign to vote for your favorite game or character it would have taken a nation of TRILLIONS to hold him back from having his voice heard!
But I don't blame it totally on him. He grew up in a time where MamaSav was raking in the dough so he never wanted for ANY kind of electronic diversion or play thing. Unlike me, Senorita Hot Dog Rice over here, **tears** any and everything he wanted was at the ready for his spoiled ass.
And since Nintendo, Sega, DreamCast, GameCube, XBox, and countless other electronic diversions basically raised him, **ducks a MamaSav-thrown platform heel** he's type-oblivious to TRILL shit.
And because of this, he's like most youngsters who've had the world handed to them so they never had to form a thought in their domes for themselves: his priorities are SO fucked up.

But please believe, I'm going to do everything in my power to equip him with the info necessary to get him registered. I'm even going to take it a step further and spend my precious golden gas driving clear across town to take him to the polls that day because I want him to see just exactly how much MORE important casting your vote is than wasting countless hours parked in front of the TV getting your Adult Swim on or stalking GameStop for the new, new shit.

For those of you in the same indifferent boat as LilBroSavvyFatty, who HAVE NOT registered to vote, I'm peepin' at you while posing a question like I'm J-Hova on the hottest joint from The Black Album: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOOOORRR?!??!!

Register to Vote: Rock the Vote, powered by Credo Mobile


Just let me know what the hold up is so I can react accordingly.


Anonymous said...

let the chu'ch say AMEN!! u preached a good one today rev savvy!! the message touched me deep down in my soul. we too in my family vote. and on that day we all we be going to the polls together in spirit!

Anonymous said...

oh wait that's my comment up there!! my name ain't anonymous whoever that ho is!

nica said...

not again i think this comp @ this place is possessed i think mccain got a hold of it!!

msfre1 said...

I am so glad i didnt have to remind you this time. I am so proud of my lil saavyfattster. I feel tears welding up in my eyes!
Barack-the-vote. (but i like that ho "anon's" Barack F Baby!)

nica said...

msfre1 i'm that ho annon! i was in orbit when i was leaving my comments, and well uh when ur in orbit sometimes u become anon! but i got that barack f baby t-shirt 129.95 + 5.95 s&h! get at me!

msfre1 said...

129.95, that's steep! Well Saavy still owe me a $5.00 EBT and a free stay at Chateau Saavy (from that preTexas contest)so if I negotiate getting it transferred into your name (or ya alias) and I add $5.00 more to that EBT and throw in a bottle of MD 20/20 & Strawberry Hill BF, can I get a shirt?

nica said...

c'mon now msfre1 i can't let the special edition barack f baby's go for that cheap how bout this: u get that ebt card from her and put 5 mo on it. step that m/d up to a fif a goose and i'll send u the shirt for $32.68, free s&h and i'll let u keep ur free stay @ chateau savvy.