Wednesday, December 3, 2008


No, I'm not spittin' any gang talk; no "Crip Killin'" or none of that ghetto, organized bullshit.

I'm talking about Celebrity Kids I'd Like To Fu...Haha! You get the drift.

**fans self while watching R. Kelly's homemade DVD and thinking, "Awww, what's all the fuss for?"

While watching Quincy Brown's episode of MTV's "Super Sweet 16," I dayum near jumped through my Panasonic to introduce those lusciously large lips of his to my v...again, the drift is gotten.
He looks and speaks like a tiny pimp, too, exuding the confidence you'd get only from someone who's loved 'em and left 'em; dicked 'em down and kicked 'em down.
And his voice...OOOHHHWEEEE!!!! I guess he gets his voice from his daddy, late 80s R&B sensation, Al. B having a unibrow Sure and his swagger from his mama's (professional kept woman, Kim Porter) baby daddy, Diddy.
Now, when it's time to wine and dine and make love off some moonshine, I don't usually go for the lightskin, wavy wavy babies, but for this lil' one: I'll make the exception.
So, Quincy, if you're ever in Daygo and need a tour of the bouidoir at ChateauSavv the city: Holla at me, baybeh!

Thanks, BCK for the flick!

Now, on the flipside, from extroverted to introverted teena SEXXXAY, we have Snoop's first born son, Corde aka "Spank." (far right...broad shoulders...comehither stare)
**fans self after spitting that nickname**
Is that how the game's played, Spank? Well, shit...
**frees arse from their Venezias captivity; bends over; shows the world**

After each and every time I watch the intro to Snoop's show, (1:30 mark) and see Spank, I have to then log on to
Something about the quiet confidence of this young youth has got me singing, "WHOA-OH-WUH-WHOOOOAAA-OH!!!!"
Like the old dudes used to say to me as I walked the streets of Southeast in my tennis skirt with my throwin' my thick thighs like "WUHT?:"

Look at him. Doesn't he seem like that semi-unapproachable, yet totally loveable, popular high school athlete that every lil' fast azz chickenhead and good girl, alike, would swoon over and READILY hand the drawls to. But, instead of accepting their advances, he'd refuse their sexual seduction by sweetly saying, "Naw, You're the homegirl" and leave it at that-without dickin' you down to ChinaTown.
He even has a touch of "awkward" in him, with the braids and braces mix. Trina and Silkk once said: THAT'S COOL!

Now...PLEASE: Watch the first few minutes of this...then let ME know if you didn't turn your yannays into a fish tank...

Ok, then.


Troublemaker Supreme said...


Kitty said...

I think Spank is a cute kid too. Not so much Quincy tho.
LL's son's another one.

nica said...

ok i'm w u on spank. i don't think i could fuk w al b ain't my daddy. he seem too much like diddy and i can't fuk w a nigga like that. speakin of diddy y wasn't al b sure invited to the bday party?? another lil cutie u shoulda put up there is vanessa williams son. i ain't usually into light meat but shit meat is meat!

h.є.я said...

Quincy, Spank, and LL's son can beat these cheeks at any given time. -licks lips- Now, i'm in highschool now (a senior) and the dudes do NOT look that tasty. Damn shame.